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How do I slow down hair loss?

How do I slow down hair loss?

How do I slow down hair loss? or how do I stop hair fall? or I’m 19 years old and I feel I’m balding. How do I stop it?

Your freaking fearsome feelings of experiencing hair loss are natural, especially at 19. You may not believe it, like how could this happen to you especially at such young and tender age. But its ‘Alright, this is just a situation, and you need to deal with it cautiously and positively to get over it.

If you bald young, the best thing that you can do is to consult a dermatologist to scrutinize the cause of the hair loss. There are various other causes of hair loss other than androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness), and a dermatologist is a specialist in treating diseases of the hair, skin and nails. Whether the cause of hair loss is hormonal, nutritional, pattern baldness, blood related, etc or stress, the dermatologist is the right expert to be able to provide you some medical options to help with your hair loss. Make sure you are too young to lose hair, so the sooner the treatment starts, the better and the prognosis.
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There are several treatment options available for hair loss at a young age which includes medication such as Oral Propecia (Finasteride), prescribed by a GP or a topical stimulant like Minoxidil. Alopecia is an umbrella term used for hair loss and there are many forms and many causes of this type of hair loss. Apart from medicinal treatments and having a nutritional diet, you can go for some ayurvedic juices like Aloe vera, beetroot, carrot or citrus juices that helps boost the strength of hair follicles and arrest excessive hair loss.

Regardless of whether you are a female or a male, hair loss may not be totally normal at age of 19, with the onset of pattern baldness. Pattern baldness is an inherited condition, but can be intensified by poor blood circulation, poor diet, dire stress, pregnancy (in the case of women), PCOS/PCOD (women), thyroid issues, drug use, illness, etc. If you are experiencing some sort of hair thinning, usually first observed as a more visible scalp peeking out or a slimmer ponytail, then rush to an expert dermatologist. Thin hair screams “aging” which makes hair loss a tough tablet to swallow. But since you are not really aging, and actually in your dire youth of 19 year old only, there are various ways you can help minimize hair loss and slow down thinning, from eating the right foods to cutting down on anxiety, even imperatively styling your locks.

The early signs of onset baldness, or may be losing your hair in a dramatic way at early age, either way it’s significant to see your dermatologist as a stepping stone. The doctor will advise you if your hair loss is due to genetics by exploring your family history or if you are facing any underlining medical condition. After a diagnosis by a clinician you can start short listing your options for hair loss treatment.

For you at this time, the best exercise is to learn sufficiently about the holistic organic modifications to your hair care routine. To restore your hair, it will require a high level of dedication on your part to indulge in excellent hair care practices, take effective medications to control further loss. Ounce of prevention is always worth its weight in gold.

Most people make their hair loss an absolute shit-show by going under deep depression, losing self-esteem and making them aloof in the world. But trust us, this is no solution, in fact this will make the condition even worse. People respect confidence and really respond to that, so keep your spirit high because, you hold your destiny in your hand, not your hairline.

There is no denial that you are at an age where your hair is a big part of your identity and losing it may feel like losing a way to express yourself in some way. Losing hair in a teenage feels like a one way ticket to mediocrity, always being a step behind the rest, for the rest of the life. A correct medical treatment and some personal hair care is the way out of your hair loss. You can enjoy your strong and long tresses all again with these few simple tips.
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