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Melanocytes Transplantation

Melanocytes Transplantation

Melanocytes Transplantation for Vitiligo in Delhi

Melanocyte Transplantation for Vitiligo is the latest and the most advanced treatment to treat Vitiligo. Dr. Sandeep Bhasin has treated 100s of patients suffering from Vitiligo/White Patches with the procedure at Care Well Medical Center in Delhi. Offer Best Cost of Melanocyte Transplantation.

Melanocyte transplantation is an innovative new treatment to stabiles vitiligo/leukoderma and loss of pigmentation. Without Melanocytes we would not be able to produce skin cells i.e. melanin and with this innovative treatment, it is now possible to transfer melanocytes from a healthy donor area of skin and surgically implant them as cellular suspension onto the de-pigmented patches of skin. Vitiligo can be due to auto immune disorder which causes minor to extensive changes in the skin and could happen due hereditary predisposition.

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Dr. Sandeep Bhasin is known as the best Vitiligo treatment specialist in Delhi and at Care Well Medical Centre for Holistic Health and Vitiligo treatment we have all the equipment and facility to treat this disorder


Some Excellent Results (Before & After)

vitiligo-before-after        vitiligo-before-after1



Various types of Melanocytic disorder

  • Ephelis: It is commonly known as freckles which is usually found on people with white complextion
  • Lentigo: This condition occurs in children
  • Melasma: Hyper pigmentation commonly seen in pregnancy
  • Vitiligo: This disorder is also known as Lukoderms and it occurs due to partial or complete loss of melanocytes


Benefits of Melanocyte Transplantation

  • Causes minimal scarring
  • Results seen in two to three months*
  • Success rate of the surgery is up to 90%*
  • Care Well Medical Centre has over five year of experience in Melanocyte Transplantation
  • Patients with stable Vitiligo respond most positively to the treatment*
  • No side effects to the treatment
  • The post-operative care is minimum


Breakthrough in Management of Stable Vitiligo Melanocyte Transplantation

  • Best cosmetic results*
  • Repigmentation in 2-3 months*
  • Success rate 80-95%*
  • Much better cosmetic result than skin grafting
  • Many satisfied patients


>Who is suitable for Melanocyte Transplantation?

The ideal candidate for melanocyte transplantation will be patients who for one year have had stable.

Patients who suffer from vitiligo should fulfill the following criteria to be eligible melanocyte transplantation

  • Existing patches should remain the same and not have increased in size.
  • No occurrence new patches to appear on other areas.
  • If patient has suffered new injury it should heal with normal skin color.

The whole process is divided into three main categories of patients eligible to have melanocyte transplantation but the selection of individual patient will depend upon assessment by the doctor

  • Segmental vitiligo
  • Generalized vitiligo – Affected area < 20%
  • Leukoderma- Piebaldism, post-burn leukoderma




What is the cost of Melanocyte Transplantation?

The cost of the procedure depends on the complexity of the surgery and the alteration that needs to be done to fix it. The average cost of Melanocyte Transplantation would range from ($514.589) 35,000 to 1 lakh ($1470.25).

At Care Well Medical Centre the surgery is done at a very economical cost with best results by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin (Cosmetic Surgeon).


Treatment at our Care Well Medical Centre

  • Camouflage Tattooing to disguise the affected areas
  • Excision
  • Electro cautery and Cryo therapy
  • Skin Implanting by using Punch grafting, split skin grafting and suction blister grafting.
  • Cellular Transplantation

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During the transplant what type of anesthesia is given?

During the procedure local anesthesia is given but in the case of multiple patches general anesthesia could be used.


Is one Melanocyte Transplantation enough for recovery?

Yes a person can achieve re-pigmentation in one session but this is not possible to achieve with all the patients and repeat surgery is required to improve the results.


How we do it at Care Well Medical Centre?

In our clinic we take great precaution in ensuring the place is clean and sterile so there could be no infection. Once room is ready a thin shave biopsy is taken which is mostly from the anterior, upper third of thigh. The biopsy is carefully processed using an enzyme to separate the layers of skin and to make a skin cell suspension. Once that process is completed we now have melanocytes-keratinocytes (epidermal cells). Next the area which is to be treated is abraded with diamond fraize wheel and the cell suspension is applied covered with dry collagen sheet, which helps to keep cells in place and starts the healing. After that the doctor uses micropore or tegaderm depending on sites involved.

How much time the melanocyte transplantation procedure takes?

The procedure can last anywhere between one to three hours.


How much time melanocyte transplantation takes to recover?

Once you are discharged the dressing will remain for one week. You would be given very strict instructions to follow to ensure the recovery is smooth. After one week the doctor will remove the dressing and patient will see the appearance of bright red and re-pigmentation begins. It takes 4 to 8 weeks and full results will be seen 4 to 6 months post surgery.


Will there be pain post Surgery?

Yes patient could experience post operative pain but it depends upon the areas treated.


Are there any complications & Side Effects?

  • There could be some scarring and surgery may cause new lesions but that is rare.
  • There is always a possibility of bacterial infection which can be stopped with oral antibiotics
  • Color mismatch.

We at Care Well Medical Centre have had a lot of success with Melanocyte Transplantation because it not very hard on the patient since this is an outpatient procedure after the anesthesia wore off. Also a large area of the affected area can be treated in one operative session and just from a small piece of normal skin it is possible to treat large affected area with minimal or no side effects.


Melanocyte Transplantation is the best treatment even for large areas

Melanocyte transplantation is the latest procedure to manage vitiligo/leukoderma and the best way to treat large areas. The results from it are superior than other surgical methods such as skin grafting and punch grafting and complicated areas like bony surface, areola, genitals and knuckles can be treated and at Care Well Medical Centre Dr. Sandeep Bhasin has been giving patients excellent results.

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