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Blister Grafting

Blister Grafting

We offer Best Cost of Blister Grafting for Vitiligo is an effective treatment procedure that is undertaken for treating vitiligo/White Patches by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre.

What is Blister Grafting?

Blister Grafting is an effective treatment procedure that is undertaken for treating vitiligo. The suction blister grafting technique is one of the most recommended surgical procedures for stable patches.  In this form of treatment, suction is used for obtaining very thin skin grafts by causing a split at the dermo-epidermal junction. Certain areas like lips and areola respond well to suction blister grafting.

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How does Blister Grafting take place?

In this process, thin layers of epidermal grafts are obtained from a donor site by providing negative suction on limited areas. The graft that is obtained is then transplanted onto the recipient site that is the dermabraded vitiliginous area, depending on the size and site of the lesion.  During the surgery, a physiological split is made at the dermo-epidermal junction by applying a suction pressure of 200 to 500 mm of Mercury (Hg) to the donor site. The equipments that are used in the procedure include specially altered disposable syringe, suction glass funnels and cups, suction apparatus and manual or motorized dermabraders. The graft can fall off within a period, ranging from seven days to ten days.

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Advantages of Blister Grafting:

Blister Grafting technique has various benefits, which are discussed as under:

  • Excellent cosmetic results: The treatment results in good cosmetic results since the graft is very thin.
  • Lower chances of scarring: As the graft is purely epidermal, therefore there are lower chances of scarring at the donor and the recipient site.


Disadvantages of Blister Grafting:

Although it yields good results, however there are certain cons of this treatment.

  • Time-consuming: The treatment process takes lot of time and blistering the donor site requires few hours.
  • Not suitable for larger areas: This treatment is only useful for treating smaller portions of skin. It is not fruitful when it comes to large skin areas.


Complications associated with Blister Grafting:

Like any other grafting techniques, blister grafting has its own complications like perigraft halo of depigmentation, displacement and wrinkling of graft and graft rejection. However, patients need not worry about facing them because there are ways to avoid the complexities of such complications.


Ways to avoid such complications:

The following five tips will help in reducing the effect of post-surgery complications associated with blister grafting.

  • Surgeons can dermabraded the recipient skin 1-2 mm beyond the actual margins as done in the case of split thickness skin grafting.
  • Doctors must secure the graft nicely with the underlying dermabraded recipient area in order to prevent graft displacement.
  • By using cyanoacrylate glue along the margins, if the grafts need to be placed over mobile areas, lot of complications can be avoided later.
  • Proper selection of patients is mandatory like in any other forms of tissue or cellular grafting method.
  • Doctors can also supplement the procedure with the use of NBYVB or PUVAsol after the operation, especially when the onset of repigmentation is delayed.

Cost of Blister Grafting: On an average, the cost of blister grafting in India is about $1000. In addition to surgical costs, there are other additional costs that might be involved depending on the condition and after-surgery care of the patients. Also, the cost varies from clinics to clinics and different doctors might charge varying amount. Before opting for the treatment, it is better to analyze all costs and then proceed.


Things to look for before selecting a clinic or doctor for Blister Grafting:

While choosing a centre or doctor for blister grafting technique, there are certain things that patients and their families must consider. Once they have followed these typical guidelines, selecting the most appropriate clinic and/or surgeon becomes easy.

  • Qualification of the surgeon: Patients and families must know the academic excellence of the doctors who shall perform the treatment. They must be familiar with the centre/doctor and not go randomly.
  • Experience: If it’s the centre, then it must have a good reputation in the market. It is advisable to opt for clinics which have been in existence for a long time, rather than opting for the newer ones. As for doctors, patients must look into the overall experience of the surgeon and take certain things into consideration such as the number of years the doctor has been practicing, the kind of methods he/she is familiar with and special suggestions and recommendations that he/she might give to the patient.
  • Cost of treatment: Prior to selecting a clinic/ doctor, people must get an estimation of the overall cost and compare it to the average market cost. Often there are places that charge hefty amount without any justification. Therefore, patients must be aware about such things and choose cleverly.
  • Infrastructure: The clinics where the surgeries are performed shall be neat and tidy and maintain standard levels of cleanliness. There should be proper infrastructure and environment to facilitate such operations. The equipments, devices and machines used during the process must be of latest trends and practices. Certain equipments such as syringes should be disposed immediately after use. Furthermore, the clinics should be well equipped with modern machines that are used for the treatment.
  • Facilities and Services: Patients must get good support and care from the centre and doctors. The surgeons must give attention to the patient’s condition at all stages of the treatment. Any after-surgery care and protection should also be provided. There should be proper arrangements about providing help and assistance whenever asked for.

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