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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation/ Ultrasound Cavitation in Delhi

Introduction to Ultrasonic Cavitations:

A relatively new aesthetic treatment, Ultrasonic Cavitation uses cutting-edge technology to remove fat. The treatment converts fat cells into liquid, which is finally drained out of body, through the lymphatic system. The cavitation technology uses low frequency sound waves and is responsible for non-surgical attacks of inflexible fat deposits, which remain in body despite exercises and similar activities. It is also known as fat cavitation and lipo cavitation and enables one to see immediate results in the reduction of fats, after a week, post treatment. The Ultrasonic Cavitations in Delhi is one of the best treatments that guarantee good results.

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History of Ultrasonic Cavitations:

Ultrasonic Cavitation dates its origin to 1950s, when ultrasound technology gained prominence. Since then, the technology had been used for cavitation procedures, however with limited results. Patients availing the treatment were prone to side effects, had limited results which lasted for a short while. There were other inconveniences and discomfort in the initial treatments.

With passing of time, 1970s witnessed slight developments in ultrasonic technology and with this, cavitation procedures gained momentum. The treatments and procedures became more convenient, safe and easy and people looked forward to them. There were commercialized.

At present, modern devices and machines have brought further changes and improvements in the procedures. The instruments used during the process are safe, effective and provide good results. Patients undergo less pain and hassle in the course of the treatment and witness fast results in a short period of time. In the present decade, the treatment is being practiced by many doctors and cosmetic surgeons around the world. Ultrasonic Cavitations in Delhi is however the best option.


Treatments before Ultrasonic Cavitations:

  • iLipo: It is a brand of laser lipolysis technology known for its fastness, convenience, safety and non-invasive technique. It uses low level lasers to liquefy fat and remove it from the body.
  • Thermage: The procedure uses radio frequency technology to tighten and contour the skin. Within just a single session, the technology aims to provide desirable results within a short phase of time and give downtime-free experience to patients.
  • Zerona: The treatment uses a series of cold laser treatments by utilizing low level laser technology to deliver the results. The cold laser penetrates deep into the skin and directs a focused beam to create pores in fat cell membranes. Henceforth, natural processes within the body remove fat.
  • Coolsculpting: It is a fat-freezing reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to remove stubborn fat that resists all efforts such as diet and exercises. The technology targets the fat cells underneath the skin and only works on the focused cells, leaving the skin unaffected.


Benefits of Ultrasonic Cavitations:

  • It is a non-surgical procedure and involves no pain, no recovery time and no leave from work and daily activities. The patients need not get hospitalized for the non-invasive treatment.
  • It is a permanent, effective and convenient method to eliminate superficial fat accumulation and also removes cellulite.
  • After the treatment, patients won’t notice any scar marks or side-effects on skin. Therefore, it’s reliable and authentic.
  • It is ideal for removing fats from buttocks, arms, chin, abdomen and thighs, with very little discomfort.
  • It eliminates fat through a natural process and the Cost of Ultrasonic Cavitation cost in Delhi is affordable.


Why Care Well Medical Centre?

The renowned centre has been practicing the treatment for years, under the supervision of an experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandeep Bhasin. With years of experience and immense knowledge about ultrasonic cavitation, he gives best possible treatment and consultation to patients.

The centre also uses modern machines that are more suitable for the treatment. The modern devices are well equipped with latest technology and features, thereby delivering high quality service and superior treatment to customers. Patients are less likely to suffer from inconvenience and discomfort.

In the context of Ultrasonic Cavitation in Delhi, the centre stands by its well trained and experienced staff. The entire team is capable enough to handle patients undergoing the treatment and offer suitable services and help as required. Furthermore, the reasonable Cost of Ultrasonic Cavitation in Delhi makes it an unmatched difference in quality over price. The centre delivers valuable services within budget.

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Best candidates for Ultrasonic Cavitations:

An ideal candidate for the treatment would be anyone looking for reducing fat and cellulite. However, those with pacemakers, pregnancy, cardiac and vascular diseases should never opt for the treatment. One must consult physician for the eligibility.


Expectation from Ultrasonic Cavitations:

After each session, patients can expect to achieve mass reduction up to 2 cm. The results however vary according to treatment areas, age and sex of the patient and change on hormones.


Ultrasonic Cavitations Procedure:

The treatment uses a machine that uses low frequency ultrasound waves to penetrate into the superficial skin layers and reach the fat cells or adipose tissue. The sound waves are responsible for creating micro bubbles, thereby causing a vacuum effect. As a result, fat cells break down and are turned into protein and then change to free fatty acids and glycerol. Where the free fatty acids are moved to the liver where they decay, the water-soluble glycerol gets naturally removed from the body through the lymphatic and urinary system.


Tenure and Number of Sessions:

A single ultrasonic cavitation treatment lasts about 25 to 30 minutes, with a single area being treated. The number of sessions varies between 6 and 10, depending on the area being treated. However, one must give 72 hours between each session so that body can eliminate the fat.


Tenure of lasting results:

The results last long, provided one maintains proper diet and healthy exercises on a regular basis. There are certain factors such as metabolism, treated area, age, medication and hormonal changes within patients that affect this tenure.



Ultrasonic cavitation is more effective and convenient in improving body contour, skin texture and body reshape. It uses modern technology and has increased effectiveness when coupled with Lymph-Drainage Wave Six Treatment.

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