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Orthopedic Surgeries Delhi

Orthopedic Surgeries Delhi

Best Orthopedic Surgeries Surgeon & Doctors in Delhi

Orthopedic surgery is related to our musculoskeletal system which includes our bones, muscles, etc. The job of a orthopedic surgeon is fix any injury to our bone and in addition, it also deals with infection of bones, sports injury, congenital disorders, degenerative diseases and tumors. At Care Well Medical Center for Holistic health and surgery we are capable of dealing with all types of medical problem related to the field of orthopedics.

We know how to “Care Well” for our Patients with Fracture

At our clinic we take extra care when it comes to patients who have suffered fracture because this is one such medical problem which must be dealt promptly and accurately. After Xray and CT scan if necessary the doctors go about setting up the bone the right way which is the key for quick healing. Also if the bone is not correctly set up it could lead to complication which can last a life time. That is why any type of fracture is treated through latest orthopedic surgical procedure by an expert orthopedic surgeon rebind the bond to their initial position.

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Surgical implants for fracture of forearm or orthopedic surgery

There are many reason how we can break our bones and one of the most common body part which suffers damage is our forearm. The fracture of forearm can be attributed to the following reasons.

Due to accident while playing sports or driving motor vehicle

We treat every case on its merit so the patient gets a customized medical treatment. Our true specialty is treating high intensity fractures which require the outmost care and have special because in such cases surgery is required and we have the latest surgical instruments to help patient recover from the fracture.

When a person suffers a serious fracture if not treated correctly through surgery it can  procedures, it may physical impairment.

At Care Well Medical centre for excellence in Holistic health and surgery we treat all kinds of fractures and have the facility to treat small children and senior citizens.

We are fully equipped to treat various fracture like

  • Humerus (elbow and forarm)
  • Tibia (Leg)
  • Femur Neck
  • Hip Replacement
  • Arthroscopy Centre- Arthroscope of joints
  • Patella

Our aim is not just to fix the broken bone but to see our patients recover from it quickly and lead a normal healthy life.

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