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Things you need to know about Ureter


The problems like kidney infection or kidney stones are probably because of the problem with digestion, dehydration or ureter. If you notice ureter pain, bleeding while urinating or even vomiting then you must visit the doctor immediately.

Talking about the ureter, it is the tube that carries urine from kidney to the urinary bladder. There are two ureters that a body has which is attached to each of the kidney. The upper side of the ureter is located at the abdomen, while the other half is located at the pelvic area. It is generally 10-12 inches long if you consider the average adult.

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Disorders that you might want to know

As said earlier, if there is any kind of disturbance in the food or digestion process this can eventually lead to many problem. Talking of which the ureter duplication which is problem that occurs right after the birth is a severe one. Under this problem, there are two ureters that are formed for the same kidney.

Then comes Ureteropelvic junction obstruction which you can notice when the connection between the ureter and kidney gets blocked due to which the urine does not exit from the kidney.


Treatment options

Of course such disorders have a better treatment and the good part is today’s technology advancement has made it quite convenient for painless treatments. If there is any kind of renal functioning loss, inflammation, kidney infection, there are treatments that are done by inserting a special tube with the support to make sure the vessels stay open and then surgery is performed.

After treatment, your doctor will advise you to change your diet plan and also make sure you have a good health in long run. Of course, drinking less alcohol, no smoking and saying good bye to junk food are something quite important but if you don’t make any efforts from your end, you will of course face a lot of problem.

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