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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy/ESWL

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy/ESWL

ESWL in Delhi / Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Delhi

Get kidney stone treated by one of the best urologist. We offers the best procedure & cost for ESWL in Delhi/Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Delhi (South Delhi).
The best part of this treatment is that it is done without making a cut, no bleeding & no need for hospitalisation, which is why ESWL treatment is so popular to treat kidney stones without surgery. We offer free consultation & diagnosis.






All You Need To Know About ESWL Treatment

With so many health issues coming up, it is quite obvious for you to initiate for the right treatment that can give you lasting result. No doubt that technology advancement has benefited the patients in many ways. But changes in lifestyle have equally contributed in many health problems. Talking of which ESWL is one such kidney stone types treatment in which the use of shock waves is done so that stone gets fragmented in a right manner. This is one non surgical yet non invasive process in which the stones are removed from the body with the help of intense shock waves. These waves travel from the skin and then tissues and then reach to the stone. Later it transforms the stone into fragments and then allows the body to recover at a faster pace.

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As compared to traditional treatments, it is not at all painful or does not even have any kind of severe side effects. Now days, doctor advises patients to undergo such type of treatment because of the solution which it offers to the patients. Depending upon the location and side of the stone, doctor will advise the patient with such option and make sure those stones turn into small pieces and then gets easily passed through urine. Kidney stones come in many types out of which some actually works pretty well with ESWL. The stones that are not more than 2 cm in diameter are usually advised to be treated with this option. Doctors strictly advise the patients not to undergo this type of treatment if the stone has more than 2 cm of diameter.

Before undergoing such type of treatment, your doctor will perform certain test to understand the body’s health condition. For this, your doctor will perform some of the diagnostic tools such as shockwaves, x-ray, and even MRI scan to see if there is any kind of bleeding disorder or skeletal abnormalities. If the patient is pregnant, doctor will straight way refuses to perform this type of treatment. Overall, it can be a beneficial option but at the end it is important to consider different options to ensure that such problem don’t occur or the treatment does not give any kind of diverse effect on it.


Understand the Working of ESWL Treatment

As said earlier, this treatment is undoubtedly the better version of traditional treatment. Being a painless option it is quite expensive but the results are actually worth. In this treatment, the use of sound waves is done to break up the kidney stones. By this, such huge stone gets converted into small pieces and then pass out easily from the body. The sound waves that are used in the treatment are called high energy shock ways and are the common type of lithotripsy. This is one non invasive treatment option but as a patient, it is your responsibility to tell doctors if you had been prescribed with any kind of drugs or heavy dose of medicine.

Usually such type of treatment gets over in 45 minutes but if there is any complication, your doctor may take further step. You will also be given anesthetic possibly general one so that you will not feel any kind of pain.

Advantages of ESWL

As compared to other treatment, it has many benefits such as:

  • It does not cause any kind of bleeding or pain inside the body
  • It is completely non invasive which means there is no injection or surgery done to remove the stone
  • This is one outpatient process which does not take much time
  • It does not cause any kind of damage to any organ specially kidney
  • There is no blood transfusion required and hospital stays are quite less
  • The recovery time is quite fast
  • No risk of infection at all


After Care

Once the treatment is over, patient may feel certain discomfort or pin for next two days. But once the anesthesia dose is over, the pain over the kidney will be quite a lot. Sometimes, you might notice bleeding through your urine. Generally the recovery process is quite less but for lasting results, doctor will advise to perform some healthy routine activities and see to it that you drink lots of water and avoid food that has small seeds in it.

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Know the type Of stones that can be treated?

Any stone which is not more than 2 cm in diameter can be treated easily with such process. However, it can easily break any kidney stone of different size and shape but every type cannot be always broken without surgical method.

Is it possible to treat recurrent stone?

There is nothing difficult to treat such type of stone provided your body is quite healthy. Once the patient is told that he is free from the stone then urologists will advise to follow certain precaution which needs to be taken to make sure the problem don’t occur.

Are there any specific precautions to be followed after Lithotripsy?

Certainly after any kind of treatment, doctor usually advises to perform a routine checkup and see to it your body responds in a healthy manner. Other than this, regular investigation will be done to make sure and know if there is any kind of specific infection that a body has caught and accordingly offer the suggestion.

Is the treatment and recovery time taking?

The benefit of choosing ESWL option over another traditional treatment is it offers quick solution say in 30-60 minutes depending upon the size of the stone. Of course patient might have to stay for a day or two but the good part is recovery process is quite faster compared to traditional treatment. As soon as the treatment is over, the patient can be told to even take the discharge.

Such type of treatment is carried out by the expert professional team who holds years of experience and a good knowledge about the problem and the technologies used for dealing with it. Make sure you choose a doctor who is quite efficient and reliable in his own field.

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