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Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Get the best package/cost for Full Body Laser Hair Removal & Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Arms, Underarms, Legs, Chest, Back, Face, Pubic Area in Delhi (South Delhi)

We offer the best cost/package for Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi at Care Well Medical Centre situated in South Delhi. The best part is that the whole procedure will be done under supervision of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin (Cosmetic Surgeon)

Why Us?

  • Specialized Laser Center: Not only Laser Hair Reduction procedure but we do acne scar & other scar removal treatment, skin rejuvenation, treatment of melasma (pigmentation)  by lasers.
  • Experience counts: Highly experienced & professional staff
  • Consultation by Dermatologist: Free consultation will be provided by Dermatologist
  • Diagnosis: Treatment starts with skin and hair diagnosis and a FREE session with our dermatologist (as mentioned above)
  • Tracing the cause: Before treatment, we rule out all possible causes like PCOD in women for severe hair growth (if any). This is important because, it could affect results.
  • Consultation: Proper consultation is provided with the expected results
  • Different skin & hair type: We use different laser types for different skin & hair colour
  • Combination of laser types: We use combination of lasers for best results. Combination of Diode Lasers & IPL or combination of different types of lasers like ND Yad, Diode or Alexandrite lasers
  • Different Wavelength used: After few sessions, hair becomes thinner & may not react to same kind of wavelength so we use lasers with different wavelength which is recommended by our skin specialist
  • No Side Effects: No pain, no burn
  • The Best: Best treatment with best results*
  • Best Packages: Best package with no hidden cost

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is the process of removing unwanted hairs by exposing the skin area to laser light pulses & is very popular among females & now even males. These pulses destroy the hair follicles and remove hair from the targeted area. The treatment is based on the concept of Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL). In this process, a concentrated beam of light, of specific wavelength, is aimed at hair. This is matched with the pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on the particular hair tissue with slight effect on surrounding tissues. However, it does not heat the rest of the skin. Laser light gets absorbed by the pigment and damages the follicle, thereby preventing further hair growth.

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Learn More About How To Make The Laser Hair Removal Procedure More Effective

Science of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTION

History of Laser Hair Removal

The history of laser treatment traces its origin to May 1960 when laser technology was invented. As early as mid-1960s, the technology had been used for removing unwanted hairs. After 50 years of this invention, beam lights were inexistence to burn out hair follicles and remove hairs from different areas. Hair removal lasers were first approved by FDA in 1997.

Laser Hair Removal (Animation)

Initially, the laser hair removal systems were crude things, which were slow, inefficient and were only suitable for those with light-colored skin with dark hairs. As for patients with darker skin, ruby-based lasers, with short wavelength were used for patients having dark skin. As a result, the treatment would heat up both the hair follicles and the surrounding skin, leading to serious burns. Furthermore, the early lasers targeted few hair follicles at a given time. With limited capacity, it removing hairs through lasers were no better than other conventional methods. The ruby-based systems would often change the color of the treated area and made it either lighter or darker. Therefore, this system had to be discarded.

With the advent of mid-1970s, alexandrite lasers were developed and modified. These light – based hair removal lasers had more commercial possibilities. Although they were safer as compared to ruby-based systems, yet they tended to under-heat hair follicles. This meant that patients had to go for years of treatment to remove unwanted hair.

With passing of time, pulsed diode array lasers came into the market. These lasers were marked by long wavelengths and longer pulse duration; making it ideal for people with darker skin.

Energy from the lasers was absorbed by the skin pigment, making it more convenient for patients.

The long pulse YAG laser is the latest development in laser technology for removing unwanted hairs. It is often used along with RF energy and is also known as the eLaser. This system is majorly used to treat people with dark complexions. The combination of YAG and RF energy makes it perfect option for dark skin colors. At present, laser technologies have further improved, leading to improvised techniques and procedures to treat unwanted hairs. There are various high quality machines and devices that are used for the treatment. The laser treatment clinics are adapting to modern instruments and practices to make the entire treatment comfortable, convenient and affordable at the same time. With this, patients can hope for better procedures and the best of Full body laser hair removal in Delhi.

Laser Hair Removal Face Treatment

Care Well Medical Centre for Laser Hair Removal

The centre performs the best Laser hair removal in Delhi for both men and women. Under the supervision of a renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, adults can easily get unwanted hairs reduced from any area. The best procedures are practiced by using modern machines and devices, thereby guaranteeing high quality and long-term results to customers.

The centre has both the machines suitable for the treatment: IPL with SHR mode and Diode Laser. One is less likely to suffer from pain in the former than the latter. However, Diode is a more superior and latest machine that is designed for removing hairs. The customers can opt for any machine treatment according to their choice.

Finally, the Laser hair removal cost in Delhi is affordable and pocket-friendly. The treatment is most effective and convenient. Indeed, the Full body laser hair removal cost in Delhi makes all the difference.

The premier centre gives proper training and guidance to its staff. By means of regular training programs, it takes pride in an efficient staff delivering excellent quality Full body laser hair removal in Delhi.

What is diode laser?

A diode laser is a semi-conductor device that produces coherent radiation, in which the waves pertain to same frequency and phase. The radiation is produced in a visible or infrared spectrum when current passes through it. It is very effective for darker skin and covers large areas. It also allows for fast treatment of larger body areas. It is also safer and is suitable for all skin types.

What is IPL?

Acronym of Intense Pulsed Light, IPL is another technology that is used for eliminating unwanted hairs from body. In this treatment, intense pulses of non-coherent light are used over a range of wavelengths, from 500nm to 1200nm. High output bursts of broad spectrum are produced by Xenon flash lamps. Cooling is also used to protect the skin in contact with the device. This technique can reduce hair growth and is most effective for darker and coarse hair.

Differences between IPL and Diode:

  • Firstly, IPL machines are not lasers and lasers are not IPL. IPL machines produce a broad spectrum of wavelength whereas lasers produce single wavelength.
  • Diode lasers reach to deeper roots of hair follicles, owing to its increased wavelength. It works on the melanin of hair follicles and removes it.
  • Diode laser machines are more effective than IPL for hair reduction because IPL can only target few hairs at a time, as compared to Diodes.
  • Diode laser systems have 808nm while IPL systems range from 500nm to 1200nm.
  • IPL systems are cheaper than Diode lasers. The former also requires more sessions for treatments and has limited effects, as compared to the latter. Furthermore, IPL’s are less effective in disabling hairs.
  • Diode lasers have advance skin cooling methods and have latest technology whereas IPL machines are age-long tradition with limited capacity.


Number of sessions required in Laser treatment:

Normally, it takes around 5 to 8 sessions for the complete treatment. However the number of sessions is also dependent on certain factors such as the areas to be treated, type of hair, skin color and tone and sex of the person.

Expectation from Laser Hair Removal treatment:

In case of a Laser hair removal in Delhi, after the completion of the treatment, one shall experience redness and slight stinging sensation, which goes away within four hours, post treatment. After few days, discoloration and mottled skin can be noticed. This will however get resolved with time. Blistering or crusting is normal for coarse and thick hair areas. This shall also recover within few days.

The treatment will not remove hair permanently therefore one must expect to notice few hairs on skin. Laser technique kills the hair roots and eventually reduces growth of new hair to almost zero after some time. One must give time and patience to witness the desirable results.

After care maintenance:

The follow up treatments for Laser hair removal are essential to kill hairs that were dormant during the actual treatment sessions. Generally, the after treatment session varies between one to four times. This is again dependent on the areas being treated. One must not pluck or wax after the treatment as lasers will be unable to detect hair roots present in the waxed area.

Suitable candidates for the treatment:

An ideal candidate for the treatment would be someone with light skin and dark hairs. Also, anyone having hair pigmentation is suitable for laser treatment. However, hairs around the eyes cannot be treated through lasers. Almost, everyone is eligible for this treatment.

Duration of the treatment:

Typically, a laser hair removal treatment is of 45 minutes to 1 hour duration. The time taken for a session is different for different parts to be treated.

Is the treatment painful?

There is slight discomfort during the treatments when laser beam reaches the deepest regions of hair roots and works from within. Some laser centre offers numbing cream that causes relief. At the same time, one must not apply these creams over a larger area at one time.

Side-effects of the treatment:

Acne and discoloration are two major side-effects, which erodes within three days after the treatment. Some other side-effects include itching sensation, pink skin, and redness of skin and swelling, which also recovers with time.

Re-occurrence of problem and solution:

Hairs have a growth cycle. Therefore there might be some hairs which are dormant at the time of treatment. When time comes for these hairs to be active, they grow naturally. To avoid re – occurrence, one must go for follow-up treatments where lasers will detect active hair follicles and kill hair roots. One must never opt for waxing as hairs are sure to come up again, after a period of time.


Laser hair removal is therefore well acknowledged and embraced for its array of benefits and effectiveness. This technology pertains to modern means and works accurately to give a best solution to those looking for hair removal treatments.

What is the cost of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi?

Laser Hair Removal for Chest Rs. 2999*
Laser Hair Removal for Back Rs. 3499*
Laser Hair Removal for Underarms Rs. 999*
Laser Hair Removal for Beard Shaping Starting from Rs. 999*
Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Area Rs. 1999*
Full Body Laser Hair Removal (Women) Rs. 7799* + 1 Complementary Area
Full Body Laser Hair Removal (Men) Rs. 8699* + 1 Complementary Area
Facial Laser Hair Removal Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
(for e.g. you pay for Upper Lip & Chin area will be complementary)
Full Legs Laser Hair Removal Rs. 3999* + 1 Complementary Area
Laser Hair Removal for Full Arms Rs. 1999* + 1 Complementary Area
Laser Hair Removal for Chin Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Eyebrow Shaping Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Upper Lip Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Cheeks Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Unibrow Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary

*Cost Per Session & this cost is applicable on booking of minimum 4 sessions + S. Tax as per available.

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