One wife’s crusade: Coconut oil helped husband with Alzheimer’s

Mary Newport, MD confirmed that coconut oil can optimally slow down or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s and reverses its symptoms. Mary’s husband-Steve, suffered from the Alzheimer’s disease for about 6 years before he started using coconut oil in his daily regime. The outcome was instant and overwhelming. Steve had begun to make his way to the severe stages of Alzheimer’s before taking the coconut oil.

He continually needed governance to accomplish even the daily tasks as he could no more take care of himself.

He has lost all focus when attempting daily tasks, and never got able to accomplishing them. He even fell short to use a computer keyboard or calculate or do basic arithmetic, trouble recalling common words. The condition went on to getting worse when he started to often wore just one shoe or sock. An MRI exhibited great loss of brain mass specifically in the parts that involved cognitive and memory abilities. Drugs such as Namenda, Exelon and Aricept proved to be of no help.

After beginning the use of the coconut oil, his points on Alzheimer’s rating scales improved drastically that seemed to be unbelievable to even the physicians, being Alzheimer’s a progressive disease that is known to only get sicken over time. His score from then just continued to improve, getting him down from a moderately severe to a mild stage of Alzheimer’s.

The deficits and depletions in his cognitive and memory capabilities started to recover and he has managed to regain a normal, self-dependant life.

Other Alzheimer’s suffering people who are using coconut oil into their diets are savoring similar improvements. This has now turned out to be a promising, organic and safe treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – coconut ketones.

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