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What will be the best hair treatment for level 1 baldness?

What will be the best hair treatment for level 1 baldness?

What will be the best hair treatment for level 1 baldness?

With level 1 baldness, we deduce that it would mean stage of baldness as per the Norwood’s scale. Norwood’s scale is a draft of 7 stages of pattern baldness to decide the levels of loss hair in male. Hair loss occurs in different patterns like at top front, top back, vertex, temples, crown, extreme back or sides of the head. The Norwood’s chart helps to determine the stage of hair loss or baldness the person is at and making understand the severity of hair loss. I hope it’s clear that you can also decide the treatment by yourself accordingly.

If you are at level 1 baldness, means that you have minor scalp visibility, thinning of hair or receding hair line, it is wise to take the treatment and halt or reverse it right from there.

The best possible treatments to help you cure with baldness are:-
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Medication for Men

In some men, hair loss may be decelerated or even new hair growth accelerates by medical hair loss treatments. The two such treatments approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are minoxidil (Rogaine®) and finasteride (Propecia®).

Minoxidil– It a topical treatment applied straight to the scalp. The lotion can help re-grow hair in both men and women. The drug is quite beneficial to slow down hairfall, grow back lost hair and ultimately stop hair loss. Studies have shown that Minoxidil treatment is more effective in females than in males, and may only be recommended for males if treatment with finasteride is unsuccessful.

Finasteride- It is an oral medication taken in form of pill. It is often prescribed by doctors to treat male pattern baldness and is highly recommended by the American Hair Loss Association as the prime most line of attack for men who wish to treat hair loss fast.

These medical treatments may be taken separately or in combination, as suggested by the hair the dermatologist.


Medication for Women

Minoxidil, by far is the only specifically approved medication to treat hair loss in women. Although the doctor may recommend other medications including Nizoral, Biotin, Folic acid concentrated tabs that may help if your hair loss is caused due to androgenetic alopecia.
Oral contraceptives such as spironolactone, cimetidine and finasteride, treat hair loss by blocking production of androgens, a male hormone that causes androgenetic alopecia.

Medical treatment may retard the degree of hair loss and conserve an acceptable appearance until the hair specialist recognizes the need for hair transplantation. Medical treatments in some cases are on-going as a complement to hair transplantation. It is likely that, once initiated, hair transplantation procedures will have to be continued for few years to maintain momentum with progressive hair loss.



Since androgens has no role play in causing alopecia areata, most of the medications used to treat androgenetic alopecia are not impactful in treating alopecia areata, although minoxidil is one exception.
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Men’s and Women’s Rogaine ( Minoxidil) are safe, non-prescription, and easily available. They are identical formulas in different bottles —women, seemingly, need something with a flower on it. The most significant part of their ingredients list is “minoxidil”, a topical preparation that has been clinically proven to deacelerate hair loss and even stimulates re-growth of new hair. While there are no rigorously harmful ingredients in over-the-counter minoxidil, but the topical solutions of few brand may contain propylene glycol, which may cause irritation, inflammation, itching and redness. “Most of the expert hair physicians say, a third of patients get irritated from minoxidil, and that’s because of the propylene glycol.  Luckily, most minoxidil do not use propylene glycol and thus stand a much lower chance of causing irritatability to your scalp than their liquid counterparts. It is in fact the top picks for entry level of baldness.

Finasteride(Propecia) is not effective for female pattern hair loss. Propecia effectively work in about 2/3 of the men and is a prescription medication. Both Minoxidil and finasteride work best in early stages of hair loss, and work only while you are taking them regularly. Even for men undergoing hair transplantaion surgery, in our opinion usage of one or both medication may be helpful because it aids to hold onto the hair that you already have on your scalp and may prompt additional hair growth (i.e. an addition to the hair being transplanted). Both of these medical possibilities help to improve the final cosmetic appearance following hair transplantation surgery.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)” is the root cause of most common cause of hair loss in both men and women- Androgenetic alopecia. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone that shrinks hair follicles until they eventually stop producing hair. The most effective hair restoration treatment for alopecia areata or other forms of hair loss is- Cortisone injections, as per the recommendations of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. Anthralin ointment, a tar-based topical cream is usually used to treat psoriasis, can also encourage new hair growth.

In level 1 or say the budding phase of baldness, there is not much to go reckless about, but proper consideration for treatment is still quite necessary to prevent further loss. Many dermatologist and hair specialists says that losing 50-80 strands a day(depending upon your hair density) is absolutely normal as this is a part of hair loss and gain cycle. Since, there is no parameter to calculate hair fall for each day and hence, you must detect your situation in case of visible scalp, balding, thinning, widening temple or any evident changes in hair.

Also make sure to use right shampoo and conditioner that arrests the hair fall.
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