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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is an effective cosmetic procedure. In this the dermis (layer beneath the epidermis or outermost layer of skin) undergoes permanent pigmentation, i.e. tattooing. It produces designs that look similar to makeup. It is a long-lasting procedure that works best for enhancing.

  • Facial features
  • Imparting good looks and appeal
  • Improving the skin colour of face, lips, and eyelids

Permanent Makeup also works wonders for women, who have lost eyebrows as a result of diseases like alopecia totalis; treatments like chemotherapy; old age or genes. The medical procedure is also helpful for treating white spots or scars on skin, known as vitiligo.

Due to its long-lasting results and lifetime benefits, permanent makeup or tattooing is increasingly becoming popular around the world.

Today, most women look up to this treatment to eliminate facial flaws and refurbish their image. The most common areas of permanent cosmetics are eye, eyebrows, lips, and face.

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Permanent Makeup for Eye

Eyes preserve the beauty and essence of every woman. And permanent makeup helps women to enhance their eyes and retain good looks forever. In this process, eye makeup professionals apply permanent eyeliners to perfectly line the top and the bottom eyelids. It clearly defines the lines and gives a soft look to the eye makeup.

Women can also apply eye shadows of their preferred choices and styles; thus improve their eyes. Together with the eyeliners and shadows, eyes get a complete touch-up for lifetime.

Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

For a round-the-clock perfect look, women routinely go for shaping their eyebrows, and this creates lot of hassles. To avoid such inconveniences and develop a permanent eyebrow shape, ladies can easily go for the permanent eyebrow makeup and get their eyebrows done, for once and all.

The procedure enables candidates to define their eyebrow shape, and fill the sparse areas. Those who have lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy or other medical disorders can get back their lost charm and appeal by developing artificial eyebrows.


Permanent Makeup for Lips

Most women are just not satisfied with the shape, size and structure of their lips. While some appear crooked, others are thin, and few others seem larger than other facial parts.

Also, there’s a problem with frequent application of lipsticks, on a daily basis. To ease such concerns, permanent lip makeup allows women to specify their desired lipstick shade. And if they want a natural look, they can opt for neutral shades. From lip liners to lipsticks, they can choose from wide range of colours.

Those preferring natural colours, can also apply lipsticks without worrying about colour bleeding, since permanent makeup smartly prevents it.

Women can also go for vivid shades and finely define their lips. In this case, the makeup professionals apply a subtle shade of lip gloss.

Cosmetic lip makeup perfectly balances crooked and uneven lips. It adds fullness, and removes the appearance wrinkles around lips.

While applying lip colour, the professionals are extremely cautious and ensure that the chosen lip colour does not extend beyond the natural outer edge of lips. They provide good help to the candidates. They help them to make the best colour choice, according to their normal skin colour.

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Permanent Makeup for Face

Cosmetic facial makeup eliminates

  • Facial hairs
  • Removes scars
  • Marks
  • Blackheads
  • Other facial spots, permanently

It enhances all facial features and improves the look, feel, and charm of a woman. Permanent facial makeup delivers a flawless skin. It enables women to get rid of any imperfections and achieve their dream skin.

While preserving the inherited quality of facial parts, the cosmetic makeup procedure minutely defines skin areas, enhances skin tone, and ensures spotless faces.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Permanent facial makeup offers functional as well as aesthetic benefits:

Functional Advantages:

  • Permanent makeup brings out facial features, which makes women more expressive.
  • Its smudge-free waterproof eyeliner creates vibrant eyes
  • Eyebrows get more defined with natural hair-like strokes
  • Lip line improves its beauty and gets a perfect tone, in line with the colour of the facial skin. Lips get a permanent colour that goes best with the individual
  • The procedure also removes, fine lines, wrinkles, and other unwanted facial spots
  • No more hassles of fading, streaking, smudging, and flaking of regular makeup

Aesthetic Advantages:

  • Post cosmetic facial treatment, women are sure to increase their confidence and feel better than ever
  • The medical treatment also helps them to improve their personality, fight facial flaws and stand tall amidst others
  • With best quality facial look, women are more likely to become happier. They shall always enjoy a good mood and face all difficult tasks, with a charming face

Long-Term Maintenance & Care

The effects of permanent makeup treatment can only be sustained with proper maintenance and care, on a regular basis. Here are few tips to preserve the cosmetic results for lifetime:

  • Touch appointments after 4-6 weeks of treatment is a must. It will fill light areas, enhance shapes, and strengthen ink placement for a permanent look. Depending on skin condition, touch-up sessions must be scheduled at regular intervals of time, like once in every quarter or once in two months. Candidates can consult their makeup artists and schedule touch-up appointments accordingly.
  • Soon after the first makeup session and until the first touch-ups, women must refrain from using conventional makeup. Such cosmetics contain bacteria which causes infection in the skin. And with a permanent makeup look, candidates need not apply any makeup on their face.
  • Women can face itchy sensations on the treated area. However, they must never rub or scratch the itching skin. Instead, they can use clean water and gently wash the area and pat dry it with a cloth.
  • Post treatment, candidates must strictly avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Before moving out into the sun, they must apply a suitable sunscreen and protect their facial skin and eyes from the direct effect of sunlight.
  • Use of anti-ageing creams must also be avoided after permanent makeup treatment. Such creams contain lot of chemicals which interrupts with the makeup and fades it, in less time.

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