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All About Punch

What is Punch (in hair Transplant)?

Punch is a kind of needle or tool used in FUE, FUT and follicular isolation techniques of hair transplantation to extract the hair from the donor site. It allows the doctor to do quality work as a high quality, narrow and durable FUE needle can ensure quality hair transplantation. These Punch FUE hair transplant needles comes in various types and sizes that can contribute greatly to the success of the procedure as per individual’s hair problems and needs. Use of a well chosen follicular unit extraction needle makes the extraction of the hairs easier and quicker, which is advantageous for the surgeon and the patient as well.
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A well created FUE needle has 2 significant and typical characteristics which determine its use: i.e., width and sharpness.

Due to its size, a thin follicular unit extraction transplant needle comes into contact with the skin on a smaller surface and allows a better view of the treated surface. This small narrow FUE needle enables more precise extraction of hairs so that the surgeon extracts the hairs that they want to. Taking a proper size FUE needle eliminates the possibility of leaving large incisions on the donor area. Credits to this, the healing process is also quicker and hair remains naturally thick on the donor site. A small narrow FUE needle, by allowing the extraction of only the appropriate hairs offers the opportunity for a later hair transplant.

Another absolutely essential characteristic that a quality FUE needle must have is a specifically designed, pointed and extra sharp end. Thanks to this sharpness, the transplant needle easily penetrates the skin, making the procedure much comforting and painless. The FUE hair transplant needle causes less damage to hair and scalp as well providing for gentle extraction of the hairs that are to be transplanted.

Element of a successful hair transplantation method is that a large section of the transplanted hairs starts to grow in their new place. For this, it is important that they are not hurt during the extraction process. Safe extraction is impractical without the quality and precisely developed hair extraction tools, FUE needles.


Type of Punch

  • Sharp Punch: A sharp tip punch goes deeper into the skin tissue that makes it easy for perforation. This punch enables the surgeon to further separate the graft from the surrounding tissue with an ease but unfortunately does not provide proper results as follicles won’t get enough room to grow.
  • Blunt Punch: Blunt tipped tool can decrease the possibilities of transection. With the blunt characteristic of the punch the tip can easily enough score the skin tissue. However, it has a hard time perforating the surface of skin tissue but offers better results as compared to a sharp punch tip.
  • Surrounded Punch: This is a serrated tip punch providing razor sharper edge which enables to improve tissue cutting and reducing risk of follicle transection and trauma. The Serrated tip Punches varies in sizes from 0.75 mm to 1.30 mm. These punches lessen the cutting surface in contact with the skin at several angles while decreasing the friction.


Punch Length Matters Too

    • In case of sharp punch, the punch must be 2mm short of graft length. Means, if graft is of 5mm then punch length should be kept only 3mm.
    • In case of blunt punch, the punch must be 1mm short of graft length. Means, if graft is of 5mm then punch length should be kept only 4mm.


Holder Solution

Holder solution is in which grafts are kept or stored after they are extracted from donor area

    • Instead of saline water RINGER LACTATE must be used.
    • Temperature of the solution must be between 40 – 80 C in which grafts are collected after extraction for better results

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