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Are transplanted hairs really permanent?

Are transplanted hairs really permanent?

Are transplanted hairs really permanent?

Are transplanted hairs really permanent? or Is hair transplant By FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT follicular unit transplantation) a permanent solution for male pattern baldness? or How effective is a hair transplant?

Yes, the transplanted hairs are permanent. Now, understand how your transplanted hair are permanent and will not make you experience balding any soon. It is well established that a hair transplant is permanent and a permanent solution to baldness. The hair follicles during transplantation are taken from areas that are not genetically programmed to shed off such as the sides and back of the scalp. This is known as the “Safe Zone”. In medical terminology, those hairs are referred to as DHT resistant or hormone resistant hair. Those hairs are usually permanent in nature.
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Now, for any hair transplant surgery (whether FUT or FUE), hair roots are taken from the sides and back the scalp (known as donor area), and harvested to your baldness area (known as recipient are). Since these extracted hair roots from the donor area are permanent in nature, when they are planted in your bald regions, the new hairs that grows from these planted hair roots, also become permanent. So, you will not lose them ever again. Hence hair transplant procedure is a permanent solution.

Also note that, despite the fact that the transplanted hairs are permanent due to their DHT or hormonal resistance property, but in some individuals, there may be few hairs taken from back or sides of the safe zones or along its edges, that may have the genetic DNA to fall victim to DHT driven male pattern baldness. Generally speaking, some of the transplanted hairs could still fall out, but that typically depends on a person to person.
The hairs that are planted through hair transplantation method give a purely natural look and feel. You can cut, style, dye or do what you feel, like your normal hair. They will grow back again just like your natural hair.

A very important point to be noted here is-, that after 1 month of your hair transplantation surgery you will start to temporarily lose your transplanted hairs, and this may continue for next 2 months as a normal occurrence. The temporary transplanted hair loosing phase is ensued by permanent growth phase during which your hair will continue to grow at normal rate. Once after a temporary lose phase, the transplanted hair will remain on the head for rest of the life without any medication or maintenance.

Another important thing to know for people seeking hair transplant is that the hair roots that your doctor transplants, will never get thin or lost again. But the existing hairs which were present on the scalp at the time of hair transplant surgery) will continue to fall. So, in order to stop hair fall for those existing hair, you can take your hair fall treatment.


Is hair transplant by FUE or FUT a permanent solution to male pattern baldness?

Yes! FUE hair transplant last long and is known to be one of the most successful hair loss or male pattern baldness treatments available. It gives a natural hair pattern and seems to blend easily with the existing hair. The transplanted hair with FUE will fall out after a couple of weeks, which is its normal phenomenon and your hair will start to grow back with new, strong and healthy head of hair to stay for life long. It takes around 3-6 moths for new hair growth to occur.
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In Follicular Unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation, a micro surgical extraction tool is used to remove individual hair roots (follicles), under local anesthesia. These hair roots are extracted from areas of the scalp with more hair density, usually at the back and sides.

But remember one thing that you still may face hair loss again if your existing follicles are weak and non-replenished. However the harvested hairs with FUE remain on your head for 20 to 30 years similar to other hairs on the scalp if they get proper nutrition.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is 100% permanent. It is a hair restoration method where an individual’s own hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, referred to as follicular units. Follicular units contain occasional fine vellus hairs, nerves, sebaceous glands, and a small muscle. The hair that transplanted by way of FUT remains there for lifetime because the hair that is used in the procedure of restoration is taken from the permanent zone.

So, FUT and FUE hair transplantation both offers permanent solution to male pattern baldness and is a great way of Hair Coverage that stays forever.

Whether the transplantation is done using FUE or FUT (FUT), the donor hair is obtained from permanent zone of the head i.e., sides and back. These planted hairs are not affected by baldness. FUE is less invasive and takes lesser time for recovery than FUT.


How effective is a hair transplant?

The success or failure of any hair transplant surgery(whether FUE or FUT) literally depends upon the parameters engaged in the procedure in terms of patient as well as the hair surgeon from whom you are going to take the treatment.

Firstly, it is important to recognize that an eligible candidature of hair transplant is that, when the donor area possesses hair at its maximum to make the recipient zone fully utilize it, to ensure to significantly cover the bald and thinning areas of the scalp. The second important factor linked with the effectiveness and success of a hair transplant procedure is to choose a specialist dermatologist for hair, who provides you the best natural results in terms of densely-packed hairs. The best hair transplant surgeon is your route to a successful and natural looking transplant that can last for longest.

Limitations for not getting desired result in hair transplant:

  • Less number of hairs in donor area
  • Resistibility of Hair taken out safe donor area
  • Multiple sessions for more hair density
  • Hair transplant in early 20’s

The amazing thing about hair transplantation is that it is a permanent solution for hair loss and male pattern baldness. After hair transplant, it is advised to use Rogaine, propecia, and low-level laser or a combination to solidify planted hair follicles and rejuvenate existing hair for slowing down hair loss from follicles that were not transplanted. But only use with your surgeon’s recommendations for post transplantation hair care.
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