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Eyebrow Transplant in Delhi

Eyebrow Transplant in Delhi

Care Well Medical Center is offering advanced eyebrow transplant or Eyebrow Hair Transplantation/Restoration in Delhi with best quality at best prices

Introduction about of Eyebrow Transplant

In today’s time, new technologies has indeed made the life of a man much simpler. In terms of grooming themselves there is no doubt that people always look for some easy options. Talking of which, hair transplant is one such treatment that is quite high in demand. Other than this, there are some other similar treatments like an eyebrow transplant which we will learn today. Eyebrow transplantation is ideal for the people who wish to get thick shape of eyebrows in a natural way. It is especially for those people who have extremely little or no eyebrow hair.

The surgeons offer such type of painless treatment with good solution of course. Now people don’t have to spend their time plucking the eyebrow air to get a perfect look as they can get a right shape and lasting results with the help of eyebrow transplant. It is extremely safe and gives you natural looking eyebrows. Sometimes, scars on the eyebrows that are quite common may create some gaps and result to a permanent damage of the eyebrows but with eyebrow transplant such gaps get filled up for a long time.
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Sometimes, people who have been experiencing hair loss due to certain severe treatment or illness are likely to face hair loss on eyebrow area as well. But with such transplant, they need not to worry as they can get back their eyebrows in a healthy manner. Also known as eyebrow restoration, this process is designed to grow the hair that is scarred and thin.

Why it is in demand Eyebrow Hair Transplantation?

With such transplantation there is a lot much impact on the overall look of the face and the whole expression. Some people enquire for such treatment to make the correction with their uneven eyebrows as waxing and plucking are some of the painful options. As the fashion and trends keep on changing, there is no doubt that demand for such treatment has increased especially among those people who are tired of facing over plucking problem and regular follicle damages.

No. of grafts required for each requirement like for Goatee, Mustache

The number of grafts for each area for transplantation varies depending upon the growth that it shows. If the hair on the scalp will be used as the donor hair for the face then it will grow in the similar manner as the facial hair grows. That is why; it will blend well once the donor hair is thatched. Usually for the individual who is looking for the eyebrow transplant might need around 200-600 individual grafted hair to get such type of transplantation successfully done. However, it is also important to see to it that right angulations of the hair follicle are done to enhance the overall feature of the eyebrow transplantation. However, while performing the grafting process, it is necessary to make sure that edges of eyebrow are taken in a right manner so that the whole look that you have been expecting is successfully done.

Why it is difficult in comparison to Hair Transplant

As compared to regular hair transplant, eyebrow transplant is a tricky treatment as it entirely focuses on the facial symmetry. To make sure that expected aesthetic appearance is achieved, right from the facial structure till the eyebrows frame of the eyes all things are well considered. The prime reason of the loss of hair on the eyebrow area is because of some congenital causes, radiation, trauma burns, systemic disease, chemotherapy, and obsessive plucking to name a few. As compared to regular hair transplantation, no doubt that such type of treatment can be quite difficult as face is that part of the body where individuals tend to take a closer look. And once the transplantation is done, to get natural looking eyebrows, a surgeon will make sure possible efforts are put. That is why; you are advised to choose only that surgeon who holds a good experience in this field.
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Where does the donor hairs comes from for Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Usually the donor hairs are taken from the scalp but you need to keep in mind that such hair once used cannot be again used for donor purpose. Once these hairs are transplanted to the eyebrows, it will give a lifetime growing results. That is why; once the transplantation is done regular trimming is advised.

Complete Procedure

Many people who are planning to opt for it wonder the real reason for its popularity. We the fact is the technologies has gained so much advancement in today’s time that people who opt for such treatment get quick results with lasting solution. Eyebrow transplant allows the hair to be taken from other part of the body and get transplanted to this area while ensuring that the desired brow shape is achieved. The hair transplantation to this area will later start growing like its original location. So there is a possibility that trimming is required.
Such type of treatment is done in a FUE hair transplant manner which means the donor hair from the scalp area is transplanted to the eyebrow.

The patient will be first given anesthesia and then the further procedure is accomplished.


The process is not time taking provided the eyebrows have at least some hair already growing. However, once the process is over, the patient will be given and discharge soon but doctor will ask for at least 7 days regular follow up. After that patient needs to visit at least once every month as doctor advises.

Risks & Results

There are few risks involved that is mild pain, nausea, vomiting, or itchiness. Patients who have BP or diabetes needs to take extra care. If FUG/FUE treatment is performed then healing time is not much but results are undetectable and can be noticed depending on the number of times you need trimming.

After care

Once the process is over, at the beginning the patient might feel discomfort but soon the recovery process starts. However, the patient is advised to take care of their face while going out and also make sure that healthy diet is followed. After taking bath, an antibiotic ointment is advised to be applied to make sure infection don’t take place.

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