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Is a haircut or shaving hair a solution to excessive hair fall?

Is a haircut or shaving hair a solution to excessive hair fall?

Answer to a question “Is a haircut or shaving hair a solution to excessive hair fall?”

Shaving does nothing either to promote or to prevent hair growth. The superstition of growing hair back thicker and healthier when shaved, is false.

If you are being anxious about if shaving your head will result to more permanent bald patches, then that is also a MYTH.

The misconception stems from the notion that hair growth after a shave is not tapered like it would if it grew just from the follicle. It is similar to like chopping off the top of a tree, as the new growth begins in; the top of the tree gets broader than a tree of the same height that did not get cut. So, anyways the fact remains that you will not be able to add up any hair growth to your scalp by shaving, and you are likely to continue losing hair if your internal hair health is not good no matter what you do.
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If you still hold suspicion about- Does cutting your hair short or shaving help to cure hair loss? Then it is also a NO that cutting your hair short can help stimulation of hair growth but yes it can definitely make your hair look thicker due to the reason that the hair shaft is usually thicker at the base. What’s more with short hair cuts is that the shorter hair styles tend to appear thicker than longer styles because the hair spikes upwards without a parting. So, if you wish to spot those voluminous manes look you’re better off having it cut short. There are furthermore benefits to shorter hair with regard to preventing hair loss. Short hair is less likely to get caught, tangled and pulled if you tie up your hair back tightly. It can train the hair to grow closer to the surface of the scalp until it eventually falls out. It is generally more convenient and less traumatizing to apply topical hair growth supplements to your scalp with short hair. The natural progression of balding and thinning will continue regardless of if you shaving your head or got a short hair cut or not.

Shaving your head has just not got anything to do with baldness. Baldness is caused by hair follicles and not by producing hair. And shaving your head means cutting off the hair after it is grown out of the follicle. But, if you are balding, shaving is a much better way to go than the comb-over, so that you are relieved from the enormous stress built inside your brain for the longest time.

Let’s assume after 12 months of shaving your head you decide to grow it out again. You will observe that now (after 1 year) you likely to have a lot less hair than before you starting shaving, you will notice to be more bald now, not because of shaving, but because of the time passed off in between. The point is, you would have been the same level of bald had you never started shaving. Once (if) you begin growing it out again, the balding will possibly be a lot more apparent to you after having not seen hair grown out for so long.

It is advisable to think twice, thrice or as many times before bumping into full head shaving as men with shaved heads is at the highest risk of skin cancer, wrinkling and age spots. The ill-effects are even reported by Heather Rogers, dermatologist in Seattle. The bare scalps get maximum exposure to the harmful radiation of the sun and because of this it requires utmost care by bald men to treat their scalp just as they would their face.
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