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Hair Loss Treatment in Hauz Khas

Hair Loss Treatment in Hauz Khas

In this article, you will learn about hair loss treatment in Hauz Khas.

Those who have lost their hair will only know how to feel when running their fingers throughout their hair or when someone else did that.

But now it is possible through a non-surgical hair transplant.
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It is a faster and very less expensive hair improvement procedure where the effects of producing natural hair can be styled anyway.

In hair loss treatment, the scalp of patients is to be carefully examined where the proper hairs are to be added and each hair is to be placed by strand-by -strand process.

Our whole process is to be done by the trained hair professional. This process adds the extra volume and density which you to be desire.

All hair strands are to be placed at an exact angle and direction to provide a natural hair is to be growth.

It makes to be virtually undetectable.

Direct Hair Transplant in Delhi

In hair transplant in Hauz Khas, we also did a nonsurgical replacement technique.

It is done basically for those people who suffer to be an excessive hair loss and cannot have normal hair transplant due to a shortage of donor hair follicles.

The end results are to give a desired density of hair were zero side effects. It is very cost effective technique.

Using an Advanced Surgical Technique

Image: Hair Replacement

We using the latest hair loss treatment techniques and other surgical techniques to recreate the hairline. It gives to be a high degree of success and cover to be almost areas of baldness.

This is done to grow the own hair and the results are basically permanent.

We using a latest standard surgical procedure like microfollicular with a follicular hair transplant unit and direct hair transplantation.

Our major goals are to produce a natural result.

To give the satisfactory result, we always follow the correct procedure by using a single follicular unit.

We obtain to follow a follicular unit of natural hair from the clients which is further segmented to be those places where the thinning is to extend.

In this meantime, clients are to be prepared for an transplantation and another member of team graft the single strip of hair into the thousands of individual units for a relocation.

The preparation of each is an onerous work as in the placement of the grafts in the accurate direction.
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We also use a patented technology like Ultima which allows being harvest maximum graft in a single sitting.

Provide to be the Best Services

In hair transplant in Hauz Khas, transplanting the hair by using these follicular units give to be a more natural result.

While the actual procedure is to be done to assured to provide comfortable transplantation with the aid of local and some oral medications.

It will take an almost whole day to complete the whole procedure.  The results are very faster and give to be a whole year to show a full appearance.

If the transplantation is done right, it will increase the natural hair growth consistently and will entirely to be looking a natural hair.

We are to provide a professional hair loss center in Hauz Khas.

Carewell medical center was established by a dr. sandeep Bhasin and he is an award-winning cosmetic surgeon in Delhi.

We are providing to be a wrinkle treatment and anti-aging treatment in Delhi, weight loss treatment, cosmetic surgery, skin and laser clinic and breast surgery etc.

Our hair care services include being a medical and surgical treatment for baldness, mesotherapy, and PRP for hair growth. Our main motive is to provide the best hair loss treatment and to provide maximum comfort to each patient who seeks to take our care.
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