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Dr. Saurabh Ranjan

Dr. Saurabh Ranjan

Dr. Saurabh Ranjan

Care Well Medical Centre offers Advance non-medicinal Methods of Pain Management- Acupressure-Acupuncture, CranioSacral Balancing etc. under the Guidance of various Experts led by Dr. Saurabh Ranjan (MBBS), who has experience of 8 Years of managing Patients.

1) SuJok: Method of Korean Scientist Prof. Park Jae Woo manages illnesses of whole body by Palm and Sole. Very Easy to use as Palm is readily available for manipulation. Beside Magnet, Needle, Seed, Colours & Electric equipment vibrator/ direct stimulator, Manual pressure are used. This is most popular method.

2) MAGNET Acupressure: Disease are alteration in Normal Flow of Yin-yang Qi in 12 Meridians and 5 Generative Organs.
Using North and South Poles of small, medium and large sized magnet, Qi are regulated to cure pain and dis-ease.

3) ION Balancing by Germanium Cords: Japanese Method invented by Prof. Manaka are most advance method to heal any dis-ease including Headache, Insomnia, Anxiety, Gastritis, Depression, PCOD, Frozen Shoulder, Backache, Knee Pain etc

4) Needle Acupuncture: Needle can reach to deeper fascia, from where Qi modulation is quick. Based on 5 Elements of TCM, Energy are balanced in Organ and Meridians.

5) Nerve Activation Therapy: Eye are window of Psyche and Face is window of Body. Head regulates whole body. By Stimulating Pineal, Pituitary Gland Points and other Yang Meridian, This regulator is controlled. Once Regulator is healthy, Whole body reach state of Homeostasis.

6) Past Life Regression Therapy: Many times, dis-ease persist despite all normal Clinical Reports. In such scenario, Deeper level of consciousness are explored under guided Hypnotherapy and related Karmic issues are relieved with Forgiveness practice. PLR is Life Transforming procedure. Pre-birth moments are examined which shows, we choose our Lives with Purpose of Learning and Growth. Author of Many Lives Masters, Dr. Brian Weiss, a Psychiatrist-turned-uncrowned Head of Past Life Regression Therapist says, 60-70% Clinical Dis-ease can be healed by PLR therapy (Reference: Book “Through Time Into Healing”). Michael Newton and Robert Schwartz focus more upon Life-between-life Regression, in which Meeting with Council of Elders happens.


About Dr. Saurabh Ranjan:

Dr. Saurabh Ranjan is a MBBS Doctor who has worked many years in Government Hospital. After Learning and Practicing Meditation, Psycho-Somaticity for a decade, He learnt Ancient Chinese Healing Wisdom from various masters. Now, He combines both Medical Expertise and Subtle Energy Wisdom to Heal ailments. He has given lecture on Healing knowledge at National Congress of Spiritual Scientist at Chandigarh, Dehradun, Nagpur and Mumbai. He has conducted many workshops in many cities like Raipur, Jaipur. He has taught Meditation at Tihar Jail too. He has been Awarded for his generous service by International Association of Educators for World Peace.

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