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Vaginoplasty Surgery Delhi

Vaginoplasty Surgery Delhi

Best Vaginoplasty Treatment in Delhi

This is a special reconstructive plastic surgery through which the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane, and of vulvo-vaginal structures if damaged due to congenital disease, childbirth physical trauma and, cancer. We are one of the best cosmetic center to perform Vaginoplasty in Delhi. Call Ms. Reena Handa for more information.

Over a course of time, as a woman ages, her appearance and various aspects of life changes, like sagging of skin, loosening of breast tissues, weakening of bones, muscles and most prominently weakening of vaginal muscles. Women are a symbol of sensuality and seduction and men are creatures of pleasure-seeking. Since the aging impacts, it becomes challenging for women to retain that fondness.

There were times, about a decade ago, when women simply have had to accept the reality of aging and had to have live with it. But, fortunately times have transpired to be offering reversing age effect both externally as well internally.

Why women opt for Vaginoplasty surgery?

This is indeed a very bold step for women to take and the two reasons which are driving forces are

  • To correct natural defect or damage.
  • The desire to get the right shape and size.

But the number one reason is for getting the desired size and shape and vaginoplasty enables women to have a very important part of the body rejuvenated. However the core believe is still reconstruction and now there are assortments of procedure to help reach the desired goal like using laser technology for vaginal rejuvenation.

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This is a process where the thin tissue which is in the main entrance of the vagina also called hymen is reconstructed. This tissue can break not only by sexual intercourse but by also physical activity.


G-Spot amplification

Sometimes women find it very difficult to get aroused during sexual intercourse and G-spot amplification is the process to make that sport sensitive for arousal and eventual orgasm.


Clitoral Unhooding (Hoodectomy)

A women’s clitoris has 8000 sensory nerve endings and when this part is stimulated sexual arousal and orgasm can be achieved.


What is Vaginoplasty?

Good that science is advancing and people are accepting its developments. A popular procedure called – “vaginoplasty” is a surgical way for women to strengthen the vaginal walls after child birth, rekindle the vaginal firmness, juvenility and salaciousness. The procedure is actually a blessing in disguise for women who have delivered babies and as consequentially have loosening or dwindling vaginal walls.

Vaginoplasty is also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, cosmetic or aesthetic vaginal surgeries that not just reshape and tighten the vagina but also improvise its functionality. The repaired vaginal lips and walls empower to have a pleasure seeking experience without any inhibitions and apprehensions. And that people is really a sign of epidermal bond between the mates.

After childbirth, many women experience a loosening or slackening of the vaginal walls. Overtime, some females may experience trouble having orgasm or feel others experience less sensation or difficulty reaching orgasm, and still others may find their vaginal lips have expanded or stretched, thereby inciting self-consciousness.

The change in appearance of vagina due to childbirth or high indulgence lifestyle is actually not the only concern for the women to bother about, but factually it is those overtly stretched and elongated vaginal lips that cause lack of confidence, embarrassment and discomfort during sex.

Of course, the abnormally altered vaginal lips leads to difficulty not just in sex but performing sports, exercises or even jogging.

How is Vaginoplasty Performed?

The process of Vaginoplasty includes removal of tissue, and implanting tissue from other parts of the body to construct a vagina for sex reassignment surgery. A part of Vaginoplasty also involves a technique known as Labiaplasty, a reconstructive surgical method that extracts excess and/or irregular labial tissue out of the vaginal lips.

This is quite an effective and sought-after gynecological procedure that corrects the inside out of the vaginal area thus providing a youthful appearance. The procedure can be performed on the targeted area of vagina to reconstruct areas of the vagina depending on the objective of the patient being discussed during pre-procedure consultation.

The yet another elaborated form of Vaginoplasty includes Vaginal Rejuvenation which is performed to strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles in order to modify its appearance and ability. The excess of vaginal lining and surrounding muscles are withdrawn during the procedure. It is performed using a laser.

Vaginoplasty can also be performed in combination with labiaplasty – for purpose to regain hymen to its original condition and enjoy re-virginity along with improved vagina.

A procedure sometimes conducted is called clitoral hood reduction, which involves withdrawing  the tissue which layers the clitoris to alter the appearance.

It is always best to get procedures discreet like this from a licensed OB/GYN and physician, to ensure optimal outcomes.

What are the Benefits of Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty offers a number of physical and cosmetic benefits, including:

  • Enhanced external vaginal appearance
  • Tighter and touted vaginal opening
  • Highly pleasurable sexual intercourse
  • Corrected vaginal defects caused by trauma or disease
  • Meets the urge of females past their childbearing years to obtain sexual comeliness and confidence.
  • Women who are victimized to hampered sexual life because of slackening of vaginal muscles can yield benefits of reoccupying and recommencing of sexual delights and contentment with partner.
  • With enhanced external appearance and firmness, the opposite partners do not face any challenge in friction or sustaining of an erection.
  • Reduction in excess and even Labia lead to more comfort when moving, sitting, walking or wearing body-hugging clothing.
  • Regaining a happier and healthier life, both in physical as well as psychological terms. A large number of people are reported to have been terribly suffering from mental sickness due to inactive sexual course. The hormones which controls the sexual characteristics of a person becomes well balanced with improved sexual life.

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Are there any Side Effects of Vaginoplasty?

There are no severe side effects linked to the procedure. However there can be some  post surgery complications that may include:

  • Post-surgical persistent pain for a few days
  • Post-surgical infection and bleeding
  • Post-surgical scarring

A word of caution: Avoid smoking after surgery as it obstructs the process of healing and put you at a higher risk of infection.

Though rare, but other risks and complications include:

  • Painful intercourse or vaginal contractions, which is medically termed as Dyspaureunia
  • Traction of Tissue
  • Hypersensitivity in clitoris
  • Decreased sensation in vagina and clitoris. This alteration could be Temporary or permanent, but barely to occur.
  • Acute painful condition in the pelvis led from the entanglement of the nerve following pelvic surgery which is medically termed as ‘Pudenal Neuralgia’.
  • Bruising and discomfort in sitting and moving is normal after the procedure which will diminish over the following couple of days.


Who is not a Candidate of Vaginoplasty?

It is not recommended for females planning to get pregnant or make more babies in near time. Women who have had got Intra uterine device (IUD) and Catheters inserted should refrain from vaginoplasty.

Health insurance do not provide any coverage for cosmetic vaginal procedures. So, if you think you will bear the cost from insurance then you are certainly wrong. Nevertheless, it is advised to always choose a board certified and experience surgeon even if it costs more than others. Quality and caution should be prioritized over cost when it is about surgery.

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Learn more about Vaginoplasty & about all Surgical & Non Surgical Options for Vaginoplasty in Delhi


Is Vaginoplasty painful?

See, it is not actually painful, but alike every invasive procedure, it may cause some discomfort. However, patients are administered with local Anesthesia or sedation.

How long do Vaginoplasty procedure take?

It takes maximum 2 hours to perform The Vaginoplasty.

How long will it take to recover from Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is an in-office procedure that would require the patient to stay for 72 hours in the clinic post-surgery in order for the reshaped vagina to heal and check for complications.

When can you go back to work after Vaginoplasty?

You can start with your normal activities or begin with office after about 1 month. You can also begin with exercise and all other physical activities after 6-8 weeks.

What to expect after Vaginoplasty?

There are certain Post procedure care protocols to be followed by the patients. Patients must strictly abide by the hygiene routine and advice being given by their doctor. Patients will generally be able to walk easily after a few days, but need to have patience to have sexual intercourse for at least a month.

What is the cost of Vaginoplasty?

Cost of vagina reshaping and tightening varies. The cost depends on certain factors like experience and reputation of the physician, reputation and reviews of the clinic, kind of procedure, and location of clinic. Treatments in metropolitan will usually cost a lot more than the smaller areas. Nonetheless, choosing a renowned surgeon whose esteem as a standard, safe and hygienic operation is outstanding is much better and safer than having a low cost doctor who may have some fumbled surgeries in the past.

The cost of the surgery may price you around 15k and can go as high as 40k depending upon above mentioned factors. Any ways, Care Well Medical Centre offers the best treatment & cost for Vaginoplasty.

How long will it take for my scars to go away?

Scars actually never disappear. Scars take about one year or more to heal completely. In the first few months, they are generally tender, protruded and pinkish or reddish in color. They normally gets flat within 6 months and stars to fade and not noticeable in 8 to 12 months. months after surgery.

What about orgasm after vaginoplasty?

Most of the patients have no challenges having orgasm following Vaginoplasty. Some may have orgasm within few months to a year and a half.

Can I use dilators?

Dilators look like a candle but they are available in several sizes from small to large. Using a dilator as an alternative to intercourse after Vaginoplasty is a fair option. But you should use dilators only after 4-5 weeks post-surgery. Also you may use any type of dildo, dilator or vibrator that comfortably fits in your vagina and do not cause injury or pain to the tissues.

Can and do we need to wash rejuvenated vagina?

Following the withdrawal of vaginal packing, 7 days after surgery, it is hygienically safe to do soaping every alternate day for the first three weeks, and then two or three times a week in order to keeps the vagina decontaminated, fresh and scented. Keep in mind that the vaginal is normal skin and this has a distinguished PH and different natural virus verdure than the constitutional vaginal mucosa.

What’s required if I smoke?

It is imperative to quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before and after surgery. Smoking causes blockage of blood vessels which will further reduce the amount of blood need to heal your slits. There is also a higher likeliness of putting smokers at risk of breakdown and poor scarring.

Is hair removal from vagina required before surgery?

Yes, Hair removal from the scrotum before getting a Vaginoplasty is preferable. For vaginal packing process, the scrotal skin is employed to stretch out the length of the penile skin to increase depth of the vagina. So, if during the surgery hair remains on the scrotal skin, it will continue to grow inside the vagina. Not only this will create trouble in keeping the vagina clean and fresh, but it will lead to amassing of bacteria that will result in infection and inflammation.

Also people may see ordinary skin shedding that can get collected on the hairs and thus forming “hair ball” which could lead to chronic irritation.

Also, with intercourse and dildos, some of the hairs can break off and move up into the apex of the vagina, sometimes leading to creation of “hair bundles” which contributes to cause chronic discomfort and irritation. For this reason, make sure that your vagina is free of hair balls, undergoing speculum yearly that can be conducted by your gynecologist.

We recommend starting of hair removal a few months before vaginoplasty of MTF surgery. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are good options other than bikini wax.

What about revisions?

If you face unsatisfactory vaginal rejuvenation surgery or complications in the first year of surgery then you can have a revision surgery that would not cost you any additional charges. an ethical clinic do not charge operating charges for the facility except for the anesthesia and operation room costs.

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