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Cure for Nose Deformities by Rhinoplasty

Cure for Nose Deformities by Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is presently the most sought-after treatment to reshape the nose and correct its deformities. Your search for top rhinoplasty surgeon in Delhi (South Delhi) ends at Dr. Sandeep Bhasin. Here you are not just provided with a best rhinoplasty india or nose reconstructive surgery but get measures to improve breathing or chin augmentation with combination surgical procedures like septoplasty. Cost advantage is the best part about getting your Rhinoplasty in India with Best Nose surgeon at Low cost from Sandeep Bhasin of Care Well. We provide the best cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi, India.

There are different nose deformities like nasal trauma, accumulation of nasal mass, age-related problems, individual perceptions, and other physical problems which tend to affect nose. In order to address such woes, various treatments are now available across medical clinics and hospitals. The most common techniques for treating nasal disorders are:
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The tongue-in-groove (TIG) method is most useful for decreasing the length of the nose. Therefore, patients suffering from excess nasal length, must opt for this treatment. The TIG procedure advances the medical crura cephaloposteriorly onto the caudal septum, and surgically creates a space between them. In this technique, surgeons correct the lower-third part of the nose, which is the most challenging portion in a Rhinoplasty operation.


Benefits of Tongue-in-groove (TIG)

  • With the help of this treatment, surgeons can effectively correct excess columellar show and maintain caudal deviation.
  • Tongue-in-groove also yields good results for controlling nasal tip projection and rejection.
  • It also preserves the integrity of the lobular cartilaginous complex.
  • It is a flexible treatment, and can be easily combined with endorsal or external Rhinoplasty.
  • Usually, surgeons perform the surgery in combination with some other Septorhinoplasty maneuvers.


Dried Cartilage

This technique is used to increase the dorsum of the nose. Earlier, surgeons would put the cartilage in its existing form, however, now they crush the cartilage, and then put it in temporal facia. After that, they place the cartilage in the nasal dorsum. During treatment, surgeons dice the cartilage into tiny cubes and then wrap them in deep temporalis fascia. They balance the shape and size of all nasal parts and ensures properly functionality of nose.


Benefits of Dried Cartilage

  • Firstly, it increases the nasal dorsum, improves the results and enhances the success rates of Rhinoplasty.
  • It is highly reliable, predictable, and generates long lasting results. It is a credible way of generating positive outcome of Rhinoplasty.



Rhinion is an angle between the nose and the forehead. For better shaping and re-structuring of nose, surgeons increase or decrease it, and accordingly gives a proper shape and definition to Rhinion.
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Osteotomy of a nose is a procedure to cut the nasal bone, in order to realign its position and structure. Most Rhinoplasty surgeries involve Osteotomy, as these processes call for a movement or an alteration of the osseocartilaginous vault, which makes most of the nose.  Depending on the physical condition of nose, surgeons perform various kinds of osteotomies: lateral osteotomy, intermediate osteotomy, transverse osteotomy, oblique osteotomy, and paramedian (medial) osteotomy.

The most common type of osteotomic treatment is the medial osteotomy. In this surgery, doctors cut the nasal bone, right in the middle, with a “back cut”. After that, they place a small bone knife, an osteotome, along the edge of bone, and then tap it gently to move it in a previously planned way. After cutting the bone, they move it, in the required direction.

Lateral osteotomy is done to close the dorsum of a nose, thereby narrowing or straightening the nasal pyramid. Intermediate osteotomy is generally done to enable re-contouring of nasal bone for correcting the bony vault, which severely deviates.


Benefits of Osteotomy

  • The primary benefit is to enhance the aesthetic lines of nose.
  • Osteotomy also helps to mobilize the entire nasal sidewall.
  • It prevents irregular or uncontrolled back-fracture from the upper part of a lateral osteotomy.
  • An overly narrowed bony nasal vault gets widened, through Osteotomy. Noses get slim and straight, allowing people to enhance their facial impression. And, with slimmer nose, face too gets slimmer.
  • On the other end, intermediate osteotomy narrows excessively wide nose, having a good height.
  • Such a procedure rectifies incorrectly contoured nasal bone, which is either very concave or convex.
  • Curvature of an overly convex nasal bone gradually decreases with intermediary osteotomy.
  • Post any Osteotomy surgery, patients get a perfect facial line, running down from the forehead, to the nose, to the chin.
  • Osteotomy balances nose, which in turn, balances and organizes the entire face.
  • The surgical procedure has dual benefits. On one hand, it re-defines the aesthetic features of imperfect nose, and on the other hand, it improves its functional aspects.


Supratip Break Surgery

Supra Tip Break Surgery is also known as female Rhinoplasty. Supratip is a nasal deformity, which calls for a second-time Rhinoplasty. It is one of the most common complications for first-time Rhinoplasty, and its symptoms are usually seen among women.

The Supratip area comprises of the distal parts of the upper lateral cartilage, the anterior septal angle, the dorsal septum, and the parallel cephalic border of the lateral crura of the lower lateral cartilage. During the surgical process, doctors break the straight bridge line by a slightly more prominent upward nasal tip. As a result, women get a more finely defined nasal shapem and highlight their feminine feature.

In the recovery phase, patients can use a splint, to stabilize the operated region. The particular part is also covered in a tape. Patients must wear the splint, for a week’s time, after which, they can take it off. At last, patients need to re-wrap nose, at least once a day, and fasten the healing process.


Benefits of Supratip Break Surgery

  • Firstly, it adds feminine attributes to a nose, and improves its aesthetic beauty and functionality.
  • It is a safe, secured, and most effective way of curing major nasal deformities, and getting a desired nasal shape, structure, and size.
  • The Supratip dips are easy to be filled, on future. Therefore, even if patients don’t like their after-Supratip looks, they can get back to their old look.
  • The surgical procedure also brings in cosmetic advantages, in the overall look of the nasal structure.
  • It gives assured long-lasting results, and with proper care and post-surgery maintenance, promotes healing.
  • The flexible procedure has no side-effects. It only cures nose, of its irregularities, and leaves behind an ideal feminine nose, for the lifetime.

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