Here We are telling The Truth About Liposuction Modern cosmetic surgeries are very reliable, but they are not risk free either. Case in point. Famous footballer Colin Hendry’s wife Denise Hendry. She had a liposuction operation, which was followed by an infection that led to septicaemia and 11 days of treatment in the intensive care unit.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that changes body contours by removing excess fat from various parts of the body. It seems like a simple and logical solution to the appearance anxiety suffered by obese men and women. Physical exercise and proper diet help, but some people are just too lazy or busy. So they opt for the liposuction operation to get rid of double chins, bulging midriffs, thundering thighs, and heavy bottoms.

Get an appointment with the plastic surgeon, fix a date, and let him or her remove all the unwanted body fat. Problem Solved, Right? Wrong!!!

All medical treatments including cosmetic and plastic surgeries have their plusses and minuses.  An obese patient who is genetically disposed towards accumulating body fat may find the fantastic results of liposuction as a blessing. But there are attendant risks involved in any major operation that requires removing abundant pockets of stubborn and fatty substance. The onus is not just on the qualified doctor, but also the patient to seek clarifications using consultancy and research.

Harley Street surgeon Jan Stanek has hit the right note when he said, ” There is a huge public misconception that liposuction is a simple and relatively gentle procedure, but this is simply not the case. It is not just a question of inserting a syringe and sucking out the fat. “

Liposuction Procedure –

  • The patient is informed of the operation and consent forms are signed to avoid legal complications.
  • The fat cells that needs removal are injected with adrenaline, local anesthetic, and cold saline solution.
  • Once the saline acts and loosens the fat cells, the powerful suction machine is activated.
  • A hollow needle or cannula, that is connected to suction machine, is inserted into the pockets of solid fat.
  • This needle, which is 3 mm in diameter, has to be moved in a forcible manner by the expert surgeon to loosen the fat.
  • Sedation is mandated as the making the fat liquid can be quite painful.

Liposuction Risks –

  • Anesthetics have risks, so the surgeons rely on the intravenous sedation, particularly while removing large areas of fat.
  • Excess fat removal can lead to drop in blood pressure, loss of body fluid, and other complications.
  • Fluids can be replaced, but imbalances can lead to serious problems such as kidney failure.
  • Additional risks include blood loss, infection, and blood clotting or thrombosis.

Liposuction Results –

  • Older women will have sagging skin if they get too much fat removed in one surgery.
  • Localized excess fat removal or uneven fat suction can result in ridges and dimples.
  • Post operative indications such as excess fat development in one area are possible if the patient does not take care to control body weight.
  • The positive results will be visible in 4 to 6 months after reduction in postoperative swelling.


Safety Guidelines –

  • In UK, the experienced cosmetic surgeons advise the removal of not more than 3 and a half liters of fat. Past surgeries in USA with 5 liter fat removal lead to patient going into a shock.
  • Women, under 40, who are not too obese and with elastic skin should consider the liposuction surgery.
  • The mortality rate in USA is just 1 in 5000 procedures, so the surgery is relatively safe.
  • Experienced surgeon is mandatory if the patient seeks changes in body contours.


Qualified Surgeons –

The patient should opt for the services of the best and most qualified doctors with experience in liposuction operations. As John Pickering of Transform Medical Group has said, “Cosmetic surgeries were performed by any doctor or surgeon who had a private practice.  Even General Practitioners managed to bypass the safety net and conducted cosmetic procedures.  Due to the popularity of liposuction, malpractices occurred and some patients suffered neglect, pain, and other long-term side effects.”

The Department of Health’s National Minimum Standards and Regulations For Independent Health Care advises patients to approach only professional organizations that follows GMC ( General Medical Council’s) “Good Medical Practice”. The hospital’s reputation, clinical audit information, infection rates and complications, inspection reports, Care Standards Commission registration number, etc., are also important. The surgeons themselves should be members of BAPS, BAPS, BACS, EACS, GMC, etc., The patient should also double check the surgeon’s experience, academic qualifications, medical indemnity insurance details, etc.,

Checklist For Liposuction Surgery –

  • Take the opinion of 3 different doctors from the cosmetic and plastic surgery profession.
  • Make sure you consult the operating surgeon.
  • Keep the before and after pictures with you.
  • Ask for feedback from at least 3 past patients of the surgeon.
  • Avoid easy payments/installments packages.

Consider all the risk factors, collect all the relevant facts, and most importantly do not let the surgeon or doctor rush you into making a hasty decision. Be calm, confident, and comfortable while taking a decision and inform the surgeon in a decisive manner.  Finally let us end with the brief description of a case study for greater clarity.


Julia Litherland is 30 years old and works as a practice manager for a gynecology professor. She spends most of her time sitting down in one position. Fat has accumulated around her midriff and she had liposuction two years ago. The surgeon removed 1300 ml of fat using the cannula which left a few puncture sites around her midriff.  She experienced swelling, bruising, excruciating pain, and soreness. There was also some blood and oozing liquid in the midriff. However, she managed to take bath with the help of gauze covering and started professional work the very next day. In her own words, ” Delighted with the results as the fat rolls have diminished. There were a few marks on groin, navel, lower back, and thighs. No pain, no gain.”

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The Truth About Liposuction
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The Truth About Liposuction
Here We are telling The Truth About Liposuction Modern cosmetic surgeries are very reliable, but they are not risk free either.
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