Hair transplant has been around long enough for it to have fine-tuned its procedure. The earlier inhibitions people had regarding it are slowly going away, with more and more people now choosing to refurbish their scalp through this simple, four to eight hour long procedure. Of course, like with most skin related surgical operations, hair transplant too is not without its side effects. However, they are generally not severe enough or long lasting to have any long term effect on the patient.

You can expect common side effects like swelling, minor discomfort, numbness, itching, and local inflammation, or if the procedure’s not undertaken by an experienced surgeon there might also be some chances of scarring unnatural or irregular hairline. A few other effects you might fall prey to if you’ve just had your hair transplanted are folliculitis, which is the inflammation and/or infection of hair follicles, and sudden loss of transplanted hair, known as shock loss. However, both these effects are temporary and can be treated. Furthermore, the chances of them happening are also very slim, and if properly taken care of during and after the procedure, the hair transplant can have a wonderful effect on a person.

With a fresh look to sport and a fuller head to show for, one is sure to feel a confidence surge in his/her approach towards life. Hair transplant has become even more precise and safe with the recent advances in robotics surgery, cutting down the risk of mistakes and man-made error even further. Don’t let unfounded myths come in your way the next time you feel like running your fingers through your hair but you can’t. Instead, consult your physician today and go see the nearest hair transplant centre, so that the next time you look into the mirror, your hair stares back at you.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant: Hair Growth
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Side Effects of Hair Transplant: Hair Growth
In this article we are going to give you some important information related to the side effect of Hair Transplant. Read the whole information till the end.
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Care Well Medical Centre
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Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin

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