Okay friends, so let me describe the kind of precautions that are required to be taken before hair transplantation. If you’ve chosen a clinic, and a doctor, you are ready to get your hair transplantation done.


What are the precautions that need to be followed before hair transplantation?


1. My advice to you with 17 years of experience and as a friend,

  1. Please do not undergo hair transplantation without proper investigations.
  2. Investigations generally include tests for – diabetes, liver and kidney function, bleeding profile, viral markers and complete blood count.
  3. I can tell you examples where young patients in the ages of 28-29 came to us for hair transplantation, and we got the investigations done, and found that their blood sugar was very high i.e. above 400, and we had to stop the hair transplantation process. Thus, if you have diabetes, and you undergo hair transplant, it could lead to serious complications. So, please get the investigations done first.
  4. Similarly, we got some patients wanting hair transplantation, and we checked that the platelet count was very low. Without the investigation of the platelets done, the bleeding would not have stopped whilst undergoing transplantation.
  5. Thus, blood investigations are very essential.
  6. 2. If you’re a diabetic or heart patient, please get clearance from your physician..
  7. If you’re on some medications like aspirin, dispirin, and blood thinners, or some vitamin supplements like Vitamin E, be sure to stop them 3 or 4 days prior to the transplant.
  8. We generally advise our patients to come after having a good breakfast and avoid coming empty stomach as that can cause the whole procedure to become difficult.


Above mentioned are few things we tell our patients to follow before going for hair transplantation.  

Now friends I will tell you, what are the precautions that need to be followed after hair transplantation?


1. Suppose you’ve undergone hair transplantation and assume that you have opted for FUE  transplant as it is a most preferred choice.

  • For the next three days, you should spray a saline which has some antibiotic in it.
  • In my clinic, it is our practice to give a small saline bottle that is amikacin or gentamicin that has antibiotic inside it and we ask them to spray or sprinkle it on the head, in every two or three hours, so that the hair roots are constantly hydrated. This is one thing that you have to keep in mind.


What kind of clothes you should wear after hair transplantation?

Let me tell you friends, you should wear clothes that can be removed from your shoulder or arms; you don’t have to take them overhead. So, be very careful about this.


  1. When you are coming for hair transplant, or after hair transplant, do not wear t-shirts or blazers which need to be removed from the top of the head, as there is a chance of the dressing coming out if done that way. This can make you lose a lot of the grafts, so avoid wearing t-shirts or blazers after hair transplantation.
  2.  We normally tell patients not to touch the dressing for at least 3 days, as that dressing can come out accidentally if touched.
  3. Avoid smoking or alcohol for a week to ten days after the hair transplantation. This is something you need to keep in mind.

5.We always tell patients to use antibiotics and pain killers. Another thing is after hair transplantation, on the       3rd to 5th day, there might be swelling around your eyes, but there is nothing to worry about.

It settles in two days’ time& is something you should not be worried about.

  1. You have to avoid heavy exercises and sweating after three weeks of the hair transplantation. Mild exercises like yoga do not cause much sweating & also do not cause dramatic changes in the body.

7. Head wash is done after the 4th day of the transplant. Every clinic has a different protocol. We do a head wash on the 4th and 10th day. So, see what your doctor is prescribing you.The first head wash should ideally be done by your doctor, or by the team who has done your hair transplantation, because that is indeed a crucial element in this process.

  1. For the first ten days, there will be scabs, or blood clots sticking to your hair roots. You need not worry about it. These scabs will automatically be removed when you get a hair wash done in about ten days. This is another important thing which needs to be kept in mind after getting your hair transplantation done.
Precautions before and after Hair Transplant
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Precautions before and after Hair Transplant
In this article we are telling what precautions should be made before and after the hair transplant? This article will be of great help to you.
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