Some Misleading Practices in Hair Transplant

I will be talking about common misleading practices in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a very lucrative field in which surgeons are earning very well, and that’s good.

I’ll talk on how hair transplantation has changed in the last 5 years & will discuss about misleading and unethical practices.

This all is a insiders information which no center will reveal & you will definitely going to get benefit…


First very important thing is –

Graft Vs. Hair

Most of the time, clinics mislead or confuse patients when it comes to tell the difference between a hair and a graft.


A follicle/graft contains 1 to 5 hairs.

Now, suppose the clinic A tells you that they would do 3000 hair in Rs. 60,000, and another clinic say Clinic B proposes doing 1000 grafts for patients for a cost of Rs. 30,000.


So, what do you think, which offer is the better one?

You may think the clinic that is providing 3000 hair for 60,000 is a better offer. Is this right?

No, it isn’t. The reason being, 3000 hair are equivalent to 800-1000 follicles/grafts only & thus patient is paying Rs. 60,000 for the same no. of grafts which clinic B was offering in Rs. 30,000.

So be sure about what clinic is offering, hairs of grafts.


Count Check

The next thing that needs to be understood is – Many clinics claim of providing 3000 grafts, and when patients undergo hair transplantation, there is no valid system to check how many grafts have been taken out, and how many grafts have been implanted.

Patients have to agree to whatever is said by the clinic. If they say it’s 3000, then you have to agree it’s 3000. Well, there is a way to know this, which very few clinics practice, and in my clinic we very strictly adhere to this practice.

Whatever grafts are taken out, we put them on a wooden spatula. We normally put 150 grafts on one wooden strip, but that varies from clinic to clinic. Suppose 10 such strips are made with 150 grafts each, thus we know the number of total grafts are 1500.

You can check any of the strips, and there will be a uniform count of 150 grafts in all the strips. That is how transparency is maintained at our clinic.

In some clinics, people use counters, these counters when pressed, give you the count on how many grafts are implanted. So, this is something that some clinics do practice.


Fancy Names

Fancy names are used for doing hair transplantation, let’s take something like ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANTATION. One of the authority is Wikipedia, I would advise you to go to Wikipedia and write robotic hair transplantation. Till yesterday, what I read in Wikipedia was that Robotic hair transplant still poses many problems due to:

A robotic hair transplant is using a punch of 1.2mm which is considered big nowadays and causes lot of scarring, whereas we are using a punch size of 0.8mm, to reduce scarring and to increase the number of quality  grafts.


What goes wrong with big size punch:

  1. Bad scarring
  2. Usually get less no. of grafts
  3. Damage to the graft is much higher in a robotic transplant as compared to a good manual transplant if the surgeon & team is good
  4. It is said to be 15% trensaction rate in Robotic Hair Transplant in comparison to only 10% in manual hair transplant
  5. Almost double charges


Robotic Hair Transplant has been popularized & it may have a role in the future, but at the present it is not giving good results. Thus, Robotic hair transplant by itself is a big gimmick in the market. Many doctors who are experts would actually tell the patients that Robotic advertising is one of  the advertising methods to get more money for the hair transplantation.


Some Misleading Practices in Hair Transplant
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Some Misleading Practices in Hair Transplant
There are some misleading practices in the hair transplant that we want to inform you about. For complete information, read this article to the end.
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