Why patients, initially having excellent results after hair transplant, lose hair?

This is a very valid question.

Let me share the facts & causes behind losing hair even after getting excellent results initially with Hair Transplant. So let’s start with hair transplantation.

Suppose a patient with mild hair loss opt for Hair Transplantation & assuming that the technique was perfect and the patient got excellent results after the transplant surgery  but  with time the result has gone back.

shedding hair transplant


New patches of baldness may appear & even transplanted hair may start falling. This process could take 2-7 years, depending on severity of the problem.

Now one very important reason is, I’ve said it many times, hair transplantation is a surgery, it is like sowing seeds in the ground, and if the soil is not good, you need quality fertilizers & water to make the soil fertile. Same stands true with the scalp area which is suffering from baldness.

The most important action before starting any treatment must be the diagnosis of the scalp area to trace out the key problems & to cure it first.

In absence of proper diagnosis & the treatment of the root cause, partial hair transplant may be successful but the condition will remain same & your original hair will continue to fall.


Few medicines like:

  • Minoxidil in combination with other medication
  • Minerals & vitamin substitutes
  • Lasers
  • PRP
  • Microdermabrasion

helps to cure the root causes of baldness.

So, Hair transplant considers to be successful when we get the excellent results after the surgery & with the help of medications & other therapies the surgeon is able to save the native hair (natural hair) which other wise patient may lose in the span of say 3-5 years.

That is one reason, now the second thing which I want to tell you is when we do hair transplantation specially FUE transplantation, there are zones on the back of the head.

From the back of the head, the occipital protuberance, the bone which is very prominent at the back of the head, up to 7 cm above that is called the permanent zone. Above the permanent zone there is the temporary zone.


Now if you’ve been to any transplant clinic, and if they suggest you to take out 5000  or 6000 graft, (which  is commonly practiced now) they have to  go into the temporary zone.

Means, surgeon has to infringe upon the temporary zone because they want to take more grafts. What will happen after sometime is, the hair in the temporary zone would be lost just like your native hair.

So, my advice is, do not do more than 3000 or 3500 grafts in one sitting during FUE. as 5000 to 6000 grafts will not be long-lasting. So, be very careful of this.

One more fact, which we as a surgeon have to take care.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you need to use minoxidil and medications to prevent your hair loss but It has been found that only 60% patients respond to minoxidil, and the other 40% do not respond to minoxidil as minoxidil needs to be converted to minoxidil sulfate inside the body. There are specific enzymes in the skin to makes this happen. Patients who’s body cannot convert minoxidil to minoxidil sulfate will not be able to stop their hair loss with this medicine.  

It is my advise for patients not to rely on minoxidil alone, but also use medication and topical treatment like DHT blockers – Finasteride & Dutaseride, PRP, laser therapy, anti-dandruff treatment, and nutritional supplements. Additionally, it is very important for patients to maintain a good lifestyle.

Smokers and Diabetic patients lose a lot of hair and are succeptible to baldness. It is advised for such individuals to stop smoking and control their diabetes.

Another reason for people to lose more hair is lack of sleep as inadequate sleep increases the chance of baldness, I would advise patients to sleep better, and improve their habits and lifestyle.

remain stress free to stop hair fall

                                                               Healthy Lifestyle & Meditation Helps to Combat Hair Loss                                                        

It is very important for patients to keep a healthy lifestyle after transplantation. If the patient has a hectic lifestyle, and is under heavy stress, and continues to smoke without adequate sleep, they are going to suffer with hair fall for sure.


Anabolic Steroids, A BIG NO

Another important pointer that needs to be taken care of is the use of anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids are completely susceptible to damaging their hair.  Greater baldness is seen in individuals who take anabolic steroids.

Thus, these are some of the factors that contribute to hair fall after successful hair transplantation.

Losing Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery
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Losing Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery
In this Article, We are going to tell about some reasons for the losing hair after hair transplant surgery.
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