Homeopathy is a holistic procedure which is most popular for treating any disease and it cures the disease from the root by removing the chances of reappearance of the disease in the future, to a great extent. Kidney stones can be treated from the core and all the signs and the symptoms can also be reduced and removed over time if someone opts for the homeopathy treatment.

Treatment procedures

There are different remedies under homeopathy for the cure of kidney stones and some of them are as follows:

  • Asparagus which helps in the cure of bloody urine, foul smell of the urine while having kidney stone, burning sensation in the urethra, swelling of the personal parts etc.
  • Berberis Vulgaris helps in reducing the pain in the kidney and related area which gets affected while the kidney stone develops. It helps the fragments of the stone to pass down the pelvic region and the hip and ultimately helps in the removal of the stone from the body.
  • Ocimum Can helps when there is a stone in the right kidney. It is very efficient in removal of the stones form the kidney on the right side and also helps in reducing the pain on the right side.
  • Urtica Urens is an age old product and its use for the removal of the kidney stone is also very traditional. It helps in the removal of the gravels from the stones.
  • Pareira Brava helps when the stone in the kidney is present for a longer period of time and it was not noticed. It helps in complete removal of the stone from the system.
  • Lycopodium helps when the right renal is affected and it is renal colic. It helps in reducing the pain and also reduces the urgency of urination frequently.

Which stones can be treated?

The stones of the diameter 3-4mm are treatable by the homeopathic treatment. As mentioned above there are different elements to treat new and old stones.

How much time is required to cure?

Homeopathy treatment can cure kidney stones within a period of 3 months or more depending on the severity of the stones. It is completely dependent on the particular body of the patient that how long it will take to sure the disease form the root. But homeopathy might take longer time than any other treatment procedures but the chances of development of stones in the future reduces drastically if the treatment is properly undertaken.

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Kidney Stone Treatment in Homeopathy
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