Facial Rejuvenation: Renewing a Youthful Look

Face is the most prominent part of a person’s personality. While other parts of the body are mostly covered, face and areas around the neck are under constant exposure of the sun. Facial skin succumbs largely to such exposure and begins to sag and age. Skin aging is a gradual process which cannot be reversed, however the effects of skin aging can be diminished. Multiple techniques like SMAS and small incisions can be used to restore the youthful look to the skin and make it tighter by removing the sogginess. Facial Rejuvenation is a popular therapy amongst women.


Facial Rejuvenation

It’s a process of reviving the vitality of the skin. The surgeon gives a new radiant look to your skin by transforming one’s face from old to new, in terms of freshness. The skin is given a new lease of life by tightening the skin tissue and removing extra skin from the face. The complex procedure of the facial rejuvenation revolves around what the patient seeks, depending upon what the surgery may require like face lift, neck lifts and even more complex surgeries like Blepharoplasty. These facial rejuvenation surgeries must be performed under expert guidance.


Different techniques

  • Profound SMAS, Mid Face, Short Incision Face Lift – All these are diverse sorts of cosmetic touch up strategies that are executed according to the patient’s necessity or as per the extent of cosmetic touch up required. There is a Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer all over that covers the cheek fat. This layer relaxes with age bringing on slacking of skin. Utilizing cosmetic touch up systems fixes this layer, that consequently revives your face. Mid face and short entry point face lifts are among alternate routines to fix your facial skin.
  • Fractional Laser in Face Rejuvenation – Also known as laser restoring, this method treats your harmed segments of skin utilizing high-vitality laser system. There is no scrabbing and draining included in this surgery and it indicates fantastic results*.
  • Thread Lift of Face – This method of cosmetic touch ups is done utilizing a non-absorbable string that is embedded into profound tissues of your skin to fix the hidden tissues. The string gives backing to your cheek and jaw skin, and evades its drooping*.
  • Blepharoplasty – Under this surgery, imperfections, disfiguration and deformations of eyelids can be rectified by either uprooting overabundance tissues or re-positioning them. For beautification of the eye zone, a forehead lift can be performed additionally.
  • Neck Lift – Like face, neck skin also gets affected with age. One can opt for the surgery to enhance their overall appearance.
Facial Rejuvenation
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Facial Rejuvenation
In this article we are going to give complete information about of Facial Rejuvenation process. Read the whole information till the end.
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