Dermabrasion followed by Melanocyte Transplantation for tattoo removal in Delhi, India.  More info Contact Dr. Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre.

The need for tattoo removal is on an upsurge as people are getting confident to join special services and give that much required boost to their career, beyond anything else. We are all living in a highly competitive environment where everyone is running in the rat race to compete and prove themselves better that the rest.

Tattoos are high on trend these days, but still on the whole they are considered to be unprofessional and too casual, particularly if we talk about getting a job at government services, with the military or the navy services. When professionalism is considered, we often lose the marks if in case there is a tattoo gleaming on the body and it is certainly exposed.

Once a tattoo is done, earlier it had to stay with us, forever and ever, until the end. But now science has evolved with solutions to get rid of a tattoo, the moment is becomes unwanted due to end number of reasons. Melanocyte transplantation is one of the latest surgical treatments that offer amazing removal results, without leaving any harm to the skin.

Melanocytes are nothing else but the skin cells underneath that carry melanin, determining the complexion and the skin tone of an individual. This is a surgical treatment that can be undertaken to remove the last traces of Dermabrasion, after the tattoo is successfully removed. This treatment helps you achieve a flawless appearance of the skin, removing any patches or dullness from that portion, heal the skin, back to its normal skin color, appearance and texture, to be precise. 

Why you must opt for melanocyte transplantation after Dermabrasion?

Considered to be one of the finest and the most adaptive skin treatments, this surgery promotes healed and better looking skin after the tattoo is completely removed. No matter how great a treatment might sound like, removing a tattoo does tend to leave scars that could take ages to heal back to normal, while there are high chances of them to stay there forever too.

This is one of the most highly developed and advanced surgical treatment that would heal the skin back to normal and make it look great.

What to expect from Melanocyte transplantation?

The treated position of the skin is dressed up with a protective covering for about a week’s time. There are a few instructions that the surgeon would give and patients must follow on for the best results. The outcome and the difference in the skin would be highly reliant upon the treated area, as we tend to have a diverse texture everywhere on the body. The results would depend upon the area you are talking about and the skin present there.

The dressing is usually removed and the skin would look a bit reddish in color. You can expect the skin to get back to normal, look great and completely healed within a few weeks. 

You can:
  • Get the procedure done in just one day
  • Even a large tattoo area can be healed through Melanocyte transplantation
  • Amazing cosmetic results
  • No side effects
  • No post surgery complications or recommendations
Dermabrasion followed by Melanocyte Transplantation
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Dermabrasion followed by Melanocyte Transplantation
Dermabrasion followed by Melanocyte Transplantation for tattoo removal in Delhi, India.  More info Contact Dr. Sandeep Bhasin at Care Well Medical Centre.
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Care Well Medical Centre
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