Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is done to the nose. It is a type of plastic surgery which helps to re-shape and re-structure nose, improve its size, and correct all imperfections to make it perfect, to the patients’ desires. The term “Rhinoplasty” means “nose forming” or “nose molding”. Also known as a nose job, it helps to enhance the aesthetic features of nose, restore its functions, and improve breathing process. Today, Rhinoplasty is prevalent across the world and is well-accredited by world-renowned surgeons.

Here are 12 most important facts that you should know about Rhinoplasty:

  1. Of all cosmetic procedures, Rhinoplasty is the most difficult to perform. If the nose reshaping treatment is poorly done, it can result in permanent abnormality of nose. Therefore, you must first choose an experienced surgeon, who has good experience in performing Rhinoplasty.
  1. Rhinoplasty treatment results are never perfect. Surgeons having good experience and highly accomplished in conducting the procedure deliver near-perfect results. Without technical expertise, artistic skill, and practical experience; achieving a good cosmetic outcome, is just next to impossible.
  1. With modern Rhinoplasty techniques, you can transform a distorted nose, often dramatically, however, expect the basic architecture to remain the same. Thus, you need to be realistic.
  1. Having a desire for a particular nose style, which perhaps you had spotted in someone else, is not practical. The shape and style of nose varies from person to person, and is largely dependent on the facial shape and structure. Therefore, nose styles which look awesome on others, can look awful, in your face.
  1. The net outcome of all Rhinoplasty procedure is a natural look and appearance. The most beautiful nose is one that suits to your facial looks, and features, and easily blends in with your face, and not stand out.
  1. Only good surgical capabilities are not enough for excellent Rhinoplasty results. For a successful Nose Job, good quality tissue, and favorable healing response is equally essential. If your genes are not meant for this procedure, and on top of that, you have poor quality skin and weak cartilage; there’s maximum chances of ruining all skillful efforts of your surgeons.
  1. Keeping allessential factors equal; young people, having smooth and clear complexion, forgiving skin, strong and firm nasal cartilage, will undoubtedly have good projections for achieving best results, from the treatment.
  1. If your nasal skeleton is strong and well in proportion, you can expect lasting beauty and functionality of your nose. Reshaping nose by eliminating large amount of cartilage from the tip of the nose, is a wrong practice. By doing so, your skeletal support gets weakened, and you witness various abnormalities. Therefore, instead of removing the cartilage, your surgeons must preserve and improve the skeletal support by repositioning, reshaping, or reinforcing the tip of cartilage.
  1. Usually, you have surgical swelling, which alters the nose for several months, post-surgery. Despite positive results, you might not like your new looks, however, have some patience and give time for the outcome to become visible. If you are prone to have significant acne or have thick sebaceous skin, showing the desired results, is a matter of time.
  1. Never be obsessed with having a perfect nose, since, it can result to a heartbreak. Achieving perfect results in this treatment, is quite difficult, therefore, think twice before you go for another surgery, and then end up spending large sum of money in getting your old nose back.
  1. In case you have a minor imperfection, revision surgery is something you might consider. However, be aware about the fact that second-time surgery can bring more risk, and should only be done for repairing a poorly breathing nose. Revision nose job procedures are very complex, more expensive, and less effective, as compared to the first-time. Hence, take good time in assessing if at all you need to go for a second-time treatment, and act accordingly.
  1. Modern Rhinoplasty, as compared to traditional procedures, is more accurate, highly effective and predictable. Approaching the right surgeon, with the relevant skill, along with favorable tissue can yield naturally beautiful nose, which shall compliment your face, add essence, and last forever.
12 Things to Know about Rhinoplasty
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12 Things to Know about Rhinoplasty
In this article we are going to give you information 12 Things to Know about Rhinoplasty. Read the whole information till the end.
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