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Botox for Lip Lines or Wrinkles

Botox for Lip Lines or Wrinkles

This is a kind of wrinkle that arises in the lip region. Based on the severity of the wrinkles that is present on the lips, Botox is no doubt a worth doing option. Botox treatment injects botulinum toxin into a specific muscle around the area of lips. It takes over a period of 30 seconds and light pressure is being applied to the treated area in order to prevent bruising. The treatment that involves mild plumping and relaxing the muscles of upper lip are felt pleasant by the patients. The relaxation on the muscles makes the wrinkles and the bunny lines run away completely.

About 1 to 2 units per injection is the average dosage of females. And for males particularly who has much smoking lines will be given 1 to 3 units of injection spot.

But for the person who goes through it for the first time is likely to feel little weird. But still before deciding to dislike it completely it’s good to give a second try says the experts.

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The higher number of patients likes it after getting used to it a couple of times over and over again. But just keep it in mind that your upper muscle is relaxing so there are chances for dribbling when you brush your teeth, until you get habituated to your new mouth, things like this will happen.

Here we furnish you to get clear with certain commonly arising doubts who want to undergo Botox!


This Can Be Expected After Botox

Though weird in the beginning, you will feel extremely fantastic seeing your long-worried issue getting settled.


Time taken

No surprise! Like any other Botox method, the procedure will prolong to ten or fifteen minutes.


The treatment lasts upto

The effect of dosage will start after 3 to 10 days of setting and will last ranging from two to seven months interval. Patients will be asked to come 2 to 3 weeks for a general checkup and also top-up if needed.

Guys! You can have it once or twice in a year for a prolonged and balanced change over. So are the facts about Botox lip lines treatment and it’s up to your desire if to say yes for it or not.

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