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Botox For Gummy Smile

Botox For Gummy Smile

There is no age distinction when it comes to gummy smile issue. This is a common and an inborn defect. You would come across many of your fellow mates or known people having this problem.

So, what is Gummy smile? You get the answer within it! This is a huge block out of excessive gum tissue on the upper area of the teeth. So, people with gummy teeth usually hesitate to give a broad smile even if they want to. This creates a lack of inner confidence and makes you feel inferior which you really aren’t. But guys! Bear it in mind that every problem has a solution. Thankfully even your problem has an answer. “BOTOX” is the one epic option, trust me!

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Causes of gummy smile

  • The muscles that hold the function of controlling the movement of your upper lip could be over active turning out your upper lip to raise high than the normal. When this happens, more of the gum tissue gets projected while smiling.
  • The way in which your upper jaw bone grows and develops could pave the way for a gummy smile. Take for an example, if there is an excess of bulging projection of the upper jaw lying within the gum tissue then you will certainly attain a gummy smile.


Botox for Gummy  Smile

  • Botox treatment targets on treating the upper lip by relaxing the muscles and thus preventing it from too much exposure of gum line when you smile.
  • Injection that is processed into the levator muscle to the lower region of the lip to hide the visible gums takes about 4 units. But the price is not alone for Botox but also for the efficiency of the doctors. The treatment is indeed tricky one so only trained experts can deal well with it.
  • Though being cheaper compared to the remaining, Botox is the most advanced technique which need years of experience and strong knowledge of musculature and anatomy of both mouth and lips.
  • So you definitely need to pick a certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to fix your gummy mouth with Botox.


Time taken and lasts after botox

Botox is best applicable for the upper lips with gummy smile. The treatment lasts up to three to four months. This is the safest and most successful non-surgical process when treated with care. So no worries, gummy smile is no more a permanent problem to worry for! The treatment if done correctly has no chance of affecting your other facial muscle. All you got to do is to consult with a perfect surgeon if you want to kick your gummy smile out of your life permanently!

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