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Botox to Treat Drooping Smile

Botox to Treat Drooping Smile

This case highlights the mouth pointing down turned that occurs due to the over activity of the muscles that are present at the corners of the mouth.

For the victims of old age, the droopy smile is probably because of the loss of fat beneath the skin or else due to the reduction of skin elasticity.

  • The Botox treatment goes well based on the severity of the droop, it works wonders in lifting and shaping the corners of the mouth.
  • The injection is placed in the DAO muscle.
  • Unlike any other wrinkles, this area is very uncommon so it’s sensible to seek a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist injector.
  • This is because if the injection is placed in an improper format, there are risks for your smile to get affected temporarily giving slurred speech, difficulty in drinking and more.
  • Botox is a most preferably prescribed pharmaceutical that have been working for years, in minimizing all kind of lines.
  • The dosage is required to be little low to give a lift in the mouth.
  • The average cost of Botox charges is around Rs. 5000.

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Why the problem occurs?

The main cause of smile drooping is the age factor. There are some substances called Elastin and collagen which truly supports the elements of the skin. Both fibers are rich in a young skin so as the age grows the fibers start getting diminished. And the skin gradually loses its shape simultaneously. There is as well a possibility for side effects like bumps and nodules around the injected region.


Time taken and time that lasts after botox

The treatment takes a time of 15 minutes and the result is expected to prolong for three to four months. The effect after the treatment doesn’t come all of sudden, the patient will have to wait for a few weeks to visualize a perceivable change.

So, treat your mouth and smile bright like a star using Botox.

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