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Botox for Crow’s Feet

Botox for Crow’s Feet

As the days pass by we get older, so does our skin. Wrinkle is one such example that displays how old your skin is getting day by day.

“Crow’s feet” is a kind of wrinkle that appears on the extreme end of the person’s eye. The lines resemble exactly like a foot print of a bird and hence named so. This is a common issue which mostly the dodderers experience. The wrinkles unavoidably appear when you laugh, giggle or squint. That may even lessen one’s self confidence for those who pay higher attention to their appearance. Creams aren’t the very right suitable solution all the time, so when opting for the next, there is another leading non-surgical choice called Botox.

Botox is a tiny botulinum toxin injection that works on inhibiting the communication between the nerves and the muscles. The process is done by blocking the release of some chemicals ordering the muscle to contract.

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Now you would be raised with some questions in your mind and here are the answers for all those questions.


What can be expected after Botox?

Botox came out with many successful results when your skin became more responsive. But once when the muscle gets too old and attains permanent wrinkles,  Botox doesn’t work. It has its own merits and little demerits too. It’s great if you have a good understanding about the treatment so once when the output is well predicted before you undergo, you can step in with complete hope. The most important thing to be noted is to go for the best physician. Botox is safe only for those who opt for an efficient and experienced cosmetic surgeons or dermatologist & we have both.


Time taken for procedure

The procedure takes about 10 minutes to the maximum.


When the results can be seen?

The result varies with the skin condition of the patient. Typically, it takes 24 to 72 hours and some patients may require up to 5 days, but the maximum effect of Botox will best probably be seen at the 10th day of the treatment.


How long the result lasts?

You will likely look smarter, younger with smoothie skin. And the effect of the treatment is seen to last for about three to six months.

You can have Botox once when you attain wrinkles again. Likewise, you can have any number of injections. Stay fearless as our human body has the tendency of developing antibodies to the Botox molecules that can make it ineffective later in future.

The treatment doesn’t use anesthesia so the patient is likely to feel little soreness and ache. Though it has some possibilities for side effects, but on the whole the treatment has come up with many successful reviews so it is assured to be very promising.

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