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Botox for Brow Lift

Botox for Brow Lift

Brow lift is one more common issue that most of the people are going through and it can also be called forehead lift in medical terms. Stereotypes mostly decide on surgical procedures to chuck out those stuffs for a faster and effective output. But it is very powerful and might be scary too as it needs considerably a lot of time to get healed. Furthermore, there are equally effective non-surgical options too with less risk issues to turn young and beautiful. Botox for brow lift falls in that category to elevate your brows in an easy way. The injection functions on smoothing the lines and wrinkles across the forehead region and upraise the brow. The Botox brow lift can perform on its own or it can be blended with eyelid surgery that makes you look much brighter and revived. However, the method doesn’t last as surgical method does, but yet it is easy, cool, simple and non-scary method to vanish away the brow and make you feel awesome.

  • In maximum cases, the process of treating brow lift through Botox injection is very quick.
  • Generally, the surgeon injects the Botox into the muscle which pulls the eyebrows down and that is what resulting in dangling or hooded looks like
  • Nearly 5 to 8 units of Botox are being injected into the treated muscle below the eyebrow pointing towards the outer eye region.
  • Botox helps in keeping the nerves from sending the signals to the muscles that are treated. So, the muscle that works in lifting the brows will be free from opposition by the muscles that pulls the brow downwards and the function will go proper.
  • The injection works for muscles creating frown lines or the two vertical lines between the brows and forehead creases.

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There are some frequently asked questions regarding the treatment and here it is:


What can be expected after Botox?

Botox suits better for the patients with brow droops or slumps that is caused as an outcome of muscular movements than the one who is related with a problem due to loss of fat. Botox thoroughly eyes on eliminating the frown or the forehead lines and has won its attempts many a times too.


What is the average time taken for the process?

The process takes at most ten minutes to get completed.


When can we expect the result?

The effect of Botox injection for brow lift lasts over a period of three to six months to the minimum average. To get the peak change post the treatment, a patient will have to wait for two weeks in approximate. Normal change can be viewed between 4 to 5 days.

So, prefer a greater amount of brow elevation with a simple and fearless way by choosing Botox brow lift.

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