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Other Reasons behind Gaining Weight

Weight gain is definitely not a positive signal for anyone. With the world moving towards fast-pace life and technologies, one hardly gets time to think about the reasons for getting that extra flab. There are different reasons for gaining weight. While some lead an inactive lifestyle, some others might solely live on fast food. Few others can have physical problems while the rest few can undergo through stress and tensions. All such factors, less or more, contribute to significant weight gain, thus raising the alarm of unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are the most common medical reasons for gaining substantial weight, over a period of time.


Treatment of Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes take insulin for managing and controlling their blood sugar levels. Insulin is a major weight gain component, which makes most diabetic patients obese. People under diabetic treatment naturally opt for a diet that goes well with their insulin dosage. Since diabetes call for higher amount of food consumption to prevent lower blood sugar levels, therefore, people having diabetes eat more and gain lot of calorie.

This condition known as hypoglycaemia (shortly referred to as hypo) contributes calories and fats, thus increasing overall weight. The worst part is since diabetes brings a lifetime threat; people keep taking insulin dosage and consistently gain weight.


Underactive Thyroid

Underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is not able to produce adequate thyroid hormones. Such hormones play an important role in regulating metabolism. Underactive thyroid can happen to anyone at any age, however; it’s more common in older women. When sufficient thyroid hormone is not produced within the body, the rate of metabolism slows down, which gradually leads to substantial weight gain. Women are more prone to develop hypothyroidism than men.


Steroid Treatment

Steroids are another main cause for gaining massive weight. Also known as corticosteroids, these are given for curing various diseases including arthritis, asthma, etc. Basically, steroids are prescribed for treating acute conditions. And, long-term application of most steroids tends to increase appetite. As a result, people eat more and gain more weight. Higher the dosage and longer the steroid treatment, people are more likely to gain huge weight.

Steroids can be taken in different forms. From tablets to injections, the corticosteroids affect the specific areas of brain which regulates the feelings of satiety and hunger. Thus, people on steroids develop frequent appetite and therefore gain weight.

Few steroids also contain weight gaining components which adds masses to different parts of body and increase weight.



As humans age, they become less active and start losing muscles. Muscles being one of the most effective calorie burners, take out excess calories and fats from the body and balances body weight. Ageing gradually leads to loss of muscles, thereby sustaining calories and fats and increasing weight. People, who continue smoking and drinking even at a matured age, are at higher risks of weight gain. Also, if they become less active than before and lead an unhealthy lifestyle; they are prone to gain weight at early ageing. People who don’t exercise also gain weight with age.


Cushing’s Syndrome

A very rare reason behind weight gain; Crushing’s Syndrome happens from increasing levels of cortisol hormone. Although only 1 in 50,000 individuals are affected, yet it’s a major threat to weight gain. In most cases, Crushing’s Syndrome develops as a side-effect of long-term exposure to steroids. It can also happen from tumor. Those suffering from this syndrome, gain masses on their chest, face and stomach. It is because the cortisol hormone stimulates redistribution of fat in these three areas.



Another significant reason for gaining kilos of weight is tiredness. Studies confirm that people who sleep less than 7 hours per day have higher chances of gaining weight compared to those sleeping for 9 or more hours. It’s because those deprived of sufficient sleep have lower levels of leptin and higher levels of gherin. Leptin is a chemical which makes people feel full, whereas gherin is a hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.

Thus, people having less hours of sleep have dual reasons for increased appetite. Also, since they don’t rejuvenate, they feel fatigue. As a result, they look for high-calorie snacks and meals to be live and active all throughout the day. Such unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns automatically contributes to massive weight gain.


Low mood and Stress

When it comes to stress, anxiety and depression; people have different reactions. While some lose weight from their low mood, others gain. Most stressed and depressed people look for food as a way to calm their mind. Sweet, chocolates and spicy food are more preferred in such conditions. This ultimately leads to weight gain.

Again there’s a further gain in weight, as depressed and anxious people become more stressed because of their increased weights. Emotional eaters too fall for high-calorie and unhealthy food, which again pulls up their weight.


Retention of Fluid

Oedema or fluid retention causes swelling in certain body parts, thus increasing weight. Swelling happens when excess amount of fluid accumulates in a specific region of body. A common example of fluid retention is during pre-menstrual when females witness slight swelling in their ankles. Such fluid retention is common and although it brings in some weight, it’s not much of a concern.

However, severe retention of fluid can promote breathlessness. Most people have different symptoms associated with breathlessness. Out of them, swollen ankles are most serious, since it causes breathing issues and simultaneously increases body weight.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is another significant weight gain factor in females. PCOS is a condition that severely affects the functions of ovaries. Women suffering from this syndrome have irregular periods, face issues in conceiving, have excess hair and gain lot of weight. According to medical researchers, PCOS is a hormone-related issue which happens from excess amount of insulin and testosterone. When women are affected with this syndrome, they accumulate weight around their waists. This kind of weight gain takes place in a cycle. Women, who naturally have masses around their waists, produce higher amount of insulin, which further increases weight.


Heavy Eating during Night

In most countries especially in India, people have a tendency to eat less during the day and consume more food at night. During day hours, body’s metabolism rates are very high, whereas, in night, it’s slow. People give long gaps between meals and as a result, their metabolism suffers. The metabolic rates slow down to compensate the appetite.

People are most active in the morning and so is their body. Lesser meals in the hyperactive hours (day) and more meals during the dormant hours (when people sleep or become less active at night) increases the belly size and eventually pulls up weight.


Inactive Lifestyle

Most professionals and youngsters lead a sedentary lifestyle. They start their day late, consume high-calorie food, drink less water and nutritious food and are more into bad habits like drinking and smoking. Such inactive lifestyle is majorly responsible for higher weight gain.

Nowadays, people are more tech-savvy. Whether its work or studies, they prefer it at their desk. There’s hardly any movement or physical activity, which again accumulates fat around their body. In addition to the inactive lifestyle, most people don’t exercise or maintain a healthy diet. This makes the situation worse and puts in further weight in various parts of body.


Type of Body

Based on the amount of body fat, there are three different types of bodies- Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Ectomorph is those having a thin and delicate body. Mesomorph is the ones with compact shape and muscular structure. Endomorphs refer to those with a round built and higher proportion of fat tissue.

According to the body structure, people must stick to a distinct food habit. Often, incorrect food routines based on the body type also increase the amount of fat content and significantly contributes to weight gain. Depending on the type of body, people must involve in suitable exercise regimes to prevent further fat gain.

Since Endomorph bodies are more prone to fat accumulation, therefore they must keep a strict eye on proper food intake at regular intervals.


Junk Food

And finally, with the world moving towards junk food; there’s higher risk of global obesity. Junk foods namely sweetened juices, burgers, pizzas, donuts and packaged meals contain higher amount of calories and fats. Regular consumption of junk gradually leads to developing excess weight. From kids to matured adults, junk food is a serious threat. Besides high fat content, it’s also unhealthy by nature.

Besides junk food, street food is equally unhealthy and rich in spice. Excess consumption of street food also causes higher gain of weight.

To sum up, where the above reasons are specific to every individual, there are other genetic causes which naturally pull up weight. There are different ways of controlling weight. However, genetic weight gain is very difficult to control, since it happens from genes. Nonetheless, a good diet, healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep can reduce significant problems, which result in weight gain.

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Metabolism & Weight Control

Metabolism: Converting Food into Energy?

Energy is a primary requirement of body. Whether in motion or at rest, body demands sufficient energy to carry out its functions. Even while body is at rest, it conducts various activities like breathing, adjusting hormone levels, circulating blood, and repairing cells. In order to carry out the basic functions, body uses calories. The number of calories used is known as the basic metabolic rate or metabolism.

Metabolism is a complex biochemical procedure through which body converts food and drinks into energy. During its process, it combines food and beverages with oxygen and releases energy so that the body can function effectively. A number of factors signify the metabolic rate of an individual.

  • Size and Composition of Body– People having larger or muscular bodies burn more calories, even while they are at rest.
  • Sex– At any particular age, men have more muscles and lesser body fat than women. Therefore, women burn higher amount of calories than men.
  • Age– With age, both men and women start losing their muscles and accumulate more body fat. Ageing slows down rates of calorie burning.


Metabolism & Weight Control

Metabolism and body weight are inversely proportional. Increased metabolic rates bring down weight whereas slower rate of metabolism contributes to weight gain. Slow metabolism happens from two reasons- medical problems like Crushing’s Syndrome and Hypothyroidism; and a combination of human-driven factors including genetic mechanisms, hormonal controls, inadequate sleep, less physical activities, increased stress, anxiety and depression.

Any of the above conditions causes an imbalance in the energy equation. People therefore end up eating more calories and burning lesser calories they consume. And, in order to bring weight under control, body has to increase its rate of metabolism. People need to create an energy deficit increase their physical movements.


Metabolism & Physical Activity

Physical activities especially exercises are ideal for boosting metabolism. As people workout, their muscles remain tight and stable even at matured ages. This prevents slowing down of body’s metabolism and keeps body live and active. High-intensity aerobic exercises and weight lifting can have maximum effect in increasing body’s metabolism.


Effects of Nutrition on Metabolism

Besides physical activities, nutrition is another major factor that influences the basic metabolic rate of body. Most people have a habit of eating fewer times in a day and consuming larger quantities of food while they eat. This is however a bad practice which further slows down the metabolic rate. Long gap between meals causes the body to compensate its metabolism. As an alternative, people must take smaller quantities of food and eat frequently. By doing so, their body will increase its metabolism.


Maximising Metabolism through Eating

The best way to maximise metabolism with a proper nutritious diet is by starting the day with a healthy breakfast. According to research, people having healthy breakfast on a regular basis have lower amount of body fat than those skipping the first meal of the day.

Besides eating well, drinking sufficient amount of water also boosts the efficiency of metabolism. It’s essential to keep the body hydrated, all the time. Dehydration decreases the body temperature which makes the body store higher amount of fat for maintaining the temperature. Such a condition severely reduces the metabolic rate.  Water mobilizes fat content, whereas dehydration promotes higher amount of fat.


Best Foods to Increase Metabolism

Incorporating the following foods in regular diet will boost metabolism and maintain good health.

  • Almonds– Having soaked or dry almonds early in the morning are a good practice to metabolize body and make it active. Almonds contain essential fatty acids which does the work of optimizing metabolic rate.
  • Asparagus- Asparagus especially the organic ones are highly nutritious and contain less calories. Exercises and asparagus make a perfect combo to enhance the basic metabolic rate.
  • Coconut Oil- Since it contains good fat which contributes to high metabolism, coconut oil is another recommended food for boosting metabolism.
  • Coffee- Black coffee without sugar does the work of stimulating metabolism and keeping the body hydrated for a long time.
  • Fruits-Normal fruits like apple, strawberry, orange, pears and those easily available at the stores are highly effective in pushing up body’s metabolic rate.
  • Green Tea- Boosting metabolism is an addition to the long list of benefits derived from green tea. It also keeps people energetic and hydrated.


Can Pills or Supplements Reduce Metabolism?

Pills and supplements won’t reduce metabolism, until people eat well, drink sufficient water and follow a healthy lifestyle. Although there are companies claiming to increase metabolic rates through pills and artificial supplements; however things don’t work in this fashion.

On the contrary, natural supplements have greater potential to boost metabolism. Extracts from green tea; caffeine, and ephedrine are proven to stimulate body’s metabolic rates.


Metabolism & Calories

Naturally, metabolism reduces with higher calorie consumption along with lesser physical movement. After consuming high-calorie of fatty food, people must immediately burn it out through some activities. This will maintain normal metabolic rate and will prevent weight issues in the long run.


Best Practices to Maintain Body Weight

  • Like the saying goes “Early to Bed and Early to Rise” is the best way to control body weight. For those who find it difficult, can follow the 7-8 hours sleep routine to rejuvenate their mind and keep their weight under control.
  • Besides a healthy breakfast, healthy meals are equally important. Also, light snacks in between those meals does magic to body weight.
  • Having heavier meals during the day hours or the work hours (for those who have night shifts) and going light during the dormant phase, is a good practice to maintain proper weight.
  • Exercises and sufficient physical movement also keeps a stern check on body.
  • Drinking lot of water (at least 8-10 glasses per day) keeps body hydrated, maintains its temperature, which in turn maintains good and healthy weight.
  • Having green tea, black coffee, fruits, green vegetables and other natural supplements help in maintaining proper weight.
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Benefits of High-Intensity Workout


High-Intensity workout is a training procedure that includes a series of alternate high and low intensity exercises, along with rest periods in between the varying intensities. The high-intensity exercises are anaerobic whereas the rest or recovery sessions have lower intensity activities and are aerobic.

Diverse intensities help people to work out the heart muscle and enhance their cardiovascular sessions. As a result, people can exercise for a longer span of time and burn their fat efficiently. The main advantage of high-intensity exercise is its fast and effective results. While performing high-intensity workouts, people lose fat and gain muscular stability simultaneously.


Benefits of High-Intensity Exercises  

Besides its primary benefits, those involved in high-intensity exercises, also enjoy the following advantages.


High Efficiency

High-Intensity training is the most efficient way of working-out. It gives more productive results, in a short while. It’s the best health regime for a busy lifestyle. At the same time, it meets various fitness objectives like squeezing body, getting into proper shape, defining a body tone, etc. High-Intensity exercises also bring more efficiency into the body. While performing high-intensity exercises, people increase their endurance power and promote stability.


More Fat Burn

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) helps people to burn more calories and make their body live and active. Research states that HIIT sessions lose higher amount of fat than the steady-rate cardio exercises. It pulls out at least 60% of body’s exertion and drives more energy. As a result, people lose more fat and get into proper shape.


Healthy Heart

Pushing towards anaerobic zone of intense exercises is very difficult for most people, since they lose their breath and heart pounds faster. However, with HIIT training, people can take rest intervals between the high-intensity exercises. Thus, they find it easy to reach the highest level when it’s followed by recovery periods. This alteration of excessive exercises followed by resting sessions improves heart conditions and makes it healthy.


No need for Equipments

High-Intensity workouts are cost-efficient and can be done without the help of any equipment. Exercises like running, rowing, biking, plyometrics, high knees, fast feet, jumping jacks and other similar activities quickly speed up the heart rate and works wonders. Contrary to this, equipments only push the heart to the maximum limit, instead of working on the specific body part.


Suppressed Appetite

It’s a common perception that exercises make people hungry and after fitness sessions, people have increased appetite. However, research has completely changed this viewpoint. Backed by evidence, studies states that HIT exercises suppress hunger.  It restrains ghrelin, the hunger-causing hormone and reduces appetite for a certain period, after exercising.


Increased Muscular Power

Those on diet lose their weight from the fat stored in their body and their muscles. As a result, most people face immunity issues after losing substantial amount of weight. With HHIT exercises, the loss of weight happens only from the excess flab present in various parts of body like thighs, abdomen, and belly. Thus, although people lose weight, yet they sustain their muscular weight and power. Their muscles are more stout and stable.


Effective Use of Energy

Due to the hardworking and the soon-to-be-followed recovery periods, HIIT has a system which alternates between excessive workouts and rest sessions. This alteration trains the body to derive maximum energy from the energy cycle and make efficient use of the obtained energy. It also improves breathing capabilities. In addition to these, high-intensity workouts also eliminate toxic wastes from muscles, during the rest intervals.


Increased Body Metabolism

HHIT work outs are equally effective for boosting the metabolism. Besides burning calories, it influences the production of growth hormone (HGH) by about 450% in the first 24 hours, post exercise sessions. This helps people to slow down their ageing process and make them feel younger, from in and out. Higher metabolism also burns fat at a rapid rate.


Customized Workouts

Another unique benefit of high-intensity exercises is that it allows people to choose their preferred categories of exercises and execute them, as per their comfort and convenience. HIIT sessions don’t have strict fitness regime to be followed by all. Instead, it enables people to select their preferred activities, group them and practice them at alternate days. For example, people can go for biking on one day, followed by jogging the next day and so on and so forth.



Given all the above benefits, high-intensity training is very challenging. People following a HIIT routine, need to have good strength of mind and zeal to work out more. They must come out of their comfort zone and be very flexible. Good presence of mind is also mandatory. Although the initial few days are a big punishment, however, in just a short while; people can eye-witness the sweet fruits of their hard efforts.

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Body Types: Eating Habits & Physical Training

Introduction to the Three Body Types

Males and females have three different types of body- Ectomorph (lean and thin), Mesomorph (muscular) and Endomorph (round built). The type of a body goes beyond the looks of an individual and determines the ways by which the body responds to food consumption, and the characteristics of hormones as well as sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Such factors are associated with metabolic differences that take place between individuals and influence the ways by which a person responds to diet and training.

Thus, it’s very important for an individual to know his/her body type and chalk out the most appropriate nutrition and training routine. In order to maximize the combined effect of diet and exercises, one must get a thorough understanding of the body type and adjust their pattern of food consumption. Such extensive efforts are sure to give highly productive results in the short term.

Generally, most people have a combination of body types and specifically don’t fall into a distinct category. In various cases, people don’t have a proportional body structure. For example, while hands and legs are lean, the entire body structure is muscular. Irrespective of the type, composition and health condition of a body, an individual has greater ability to intake carbohydrates and starchy food while exercising and soon after exercises. Therefore, the best time to consume carbohydrate-rich food is around the time when the person is most physically active. Proper training and body-specific diet can change the look and appearance of a body. The carb tolerance of a person varies according to the body structure, which calls for a unique diet and exercise regime that helps to meet the body’s fitness requirements, in a short while.

Here the three major types of body along with their unique traits and attributes. Based on each body type, there are suitable recommendations about diet and physical training.



Ectomorphs are very lean and thin by structure. They are skinny, light built and have a small frame. Their general structure comprises of lean muscles, small joints, long thin limbs and narrow shoulders; all of which enables fast metabolism and resists their body from gaining weight.

People who are Ectomorph can consume excess food without gaining further weight. As a result, they have lesser fat in body and muscles and less mass in their bones. Such body type demand higher calories consumption for gaining sufficient weight. Thus, short and intense exercises targeting big muscle groups are the best fitness regimes for such individuals. Ectos must also consume whey protein especially before going to bed. This will prevent catabolism during the night Since Ectomorphs lose fat within an instant, thus, getting back to a thin muscle is never a difficult task.

Features and Attributes

  • They have a small delicate frame and bone structure.
  • They are typical hardgainer and find it difficult to gain weight.
  • Flat chest, small shoulders and lean muscle mass are general characteristics of Ectomorphs.
  • Such a body type has the fastest metabolism.


Recommended Diet

  • Being highly tolerant to high carb diet, such individuals must incorporate a greater proportion of carbohydrate-rich food within their regular diet.
  • For a perfect physique, they must take more carbohydrates and starchy food soon after workout and less of those foods during other times of day.
  • Each meal must include a 3:1 ratio of starchy, whole grain and/or unprocessed carbs and fruits or vegetables.
  • Given the lean body structure and muscles, they must strictly adhere to protein and healthy fats. Consuming burgers and pizzas, once a while will never make them fat.
  • Besides sugary food, Ectomorphs must also drink weight gainer shakes, which are high in calorie. In an alternate to shakes, they can opt for weight gain powders available in markets.
  • With an aim to get more calories, Ectos must eat very frequently, at least 6-8 meals a day.
  • They must never even think of skipping breakfast. It has to be the largest meal, comprising of complex carbohydrates and protein.



  • Strength training along with limited cardio is most recommended fitness routine for the Ecto body type.
  • Simple exercises including heavy compound movements and minimum separation exercises for the muscle groups works best for such people.
  • They can also use supersets and plan a shock technique day. However, this can be kept as an option.
  • Recovery time between two exercises should be between 2-3 minutes. 1 day rest between the last lifting day and the optional shock technique day is bound to increase the effectiveness of physical training.



Mesoporphs have a structure like that of an athlete. They have medium-sized bones and thin muscles. Such individuals have a dominant growth hormone which helps to pre-deposit muscle gain and maintain lower body fat. This makes them testosterone. Mesomorphs have the most appropriate structure for bodybuilding and give quick response to weight training programs. However, Mesomorphs tend to gain more fat easily than the Ecto group. Thus, people having a Mesomorph body structure should be very careful with their calorie consumption.


Features and Attributes

  • They have a typical athletic hard body with well-defined and stout muscles.
  • Body is rectangular in shape.
  • They are strong and gain muscles quickly.
  • Compared to the Ectomorphs, they gain fat quickly and easily.


Recommended Diet

  • Mixed balanced diet comprising of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat works wonders for the Mesomorph category.
  • Mesos must go for low-fat proteins like eggs, poultry, seafood, Greek Yoghurt and Kefir to build strong muscles and witness high muscular growth.
  • For sufficient energy, complex carbohydrates are the best. Green vegetables, spinach, low-sugar fruits and whole grain foods will fulfil the energy requirements, especially after workouts.
  • In an effort to prevent sugary binges, Meso-people must focus on high-fibre content foods like beans. Such diet will also make them feel full.
  • Besides drinking adequate amount of water, Mesomorphs who are involved in performing high-intensity workouts, must also consume sports drinks as their body demands electrolyte replenishments.
  • Since they have a moderate tolerance to carb, therefore they must stay away from starchy and sugary foods, expect the exercise sessions. However, their breakfast must contain sufficient carbohydrates.
  • Meals other than breakfast should ideally include less dense carbohydrate food and more of fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts and seeds.



  • A good combination of weekly resistance training sessions with the help of moderate to heavy weights is all that a Mesomorph should look up to. Limited recovery periods between each set of exercise are also recommended for a well-built and toned structure.
  • 2-3 sets of compound exercises for upper and lower body is also ideal for the Meso caregory. Repeating each set of exercise for 8-12 times with rest intervals of 80-90 seconds will maximise the effect of fitness programs.



Large bone structure with higher amount of body and fat mass defines an Endomorph. With a soft and solid body structure, Endomorphs are highly prone to gain weight. The worst part is their excess fat prevents their efforts to shape and tone their body. Usually, they are short build and have thick arms and legs. Muscles especially in the upper leg portion are extremely strong, which makes them comfortable to leg exercises like squatting. They have higher propensity to store energy and are dominant to insulin. This also means they have lower tolerance to carbohydrate.

A typical feeling among the endomorphs is that they are overweight or obese. However, with regular exercises and the right kind of diet, Endos can boost their metabolism and gradually control their weight.


Features and Attributes

  • Soft and round body with higher tendency to gain fat.
  • Short build with large stock of body and fat mass.
  • Endomorphs have a round structure, which makes it difficult for them to lose fat.
  • Although they are more muscular, however, their muscles aren’t in proper shape.
  • Their body have the slowest metabolism.


Recommended Diet

  • Balanced diet of 25% carbohydrate, 35% protein and 40% fat is strongly recommended.
  • Since Endos have lower tolerance towards carbohydrates; therefore, they must avoid consuming excess starchy and sugary food expect after the workout sessions.
  • Endos must only look up to fruits, vegetables, protein and fats for their meals.



  • In an attempt to reduce fats which automatically come into the body, Endos must get into intense cardio training along with weight lifts.
  • Those into bodybuilding must frequently work on their buttocks. However, in doing so, they must never over-train their body.
  • In a week, they can go for four days of weight training and take rest for 3 days. By this, the “afterburn” released from the four intense workout days will increase the body’s metabolic rate and optimize it when the body is at rest for 3 long days.
  • Each exercise session must have a cardio. Endos must highly focus on weight training and aim for gaining maximum muscle mass and not fat. With this, they can increase their basic metabolic rate and decrease the fat store in their body.



To conclude, each of the body types (Ecto, Meso, Endo) have distinct features and characteristics, which further determines the kind of food to be consumed and the nature of exercised to be performed on a daily basis. By figuring out the suitable type of body and then going by the suggestions, an individual can achieve the fitness goals and witness positive results in a short span of time.

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Image: Coleen Rooney

3D Lipo – 5 Celebrities Who Can’t Get Enough Of Latest Weight Loss Treatment

3D Lipo – 5 Celebrities Who Can’t Get Enough Of Latest Weight Loss Treatment

Gemma Collins, Coleen Rooney and Amy Childs are all fans of the fat freezing procedure

In the rapidly changing glamour space, there are no limits or bounds for beauty and fashionable appearance. The latest buzz in tinsel town is 3D Lipo and none less than Gemma Collins has opted for this weight loss treatment. The reality TV star has made public her love for 3D Lipo in no uncertain terms.

The sassy star, who socially networks on instagram and twitter, boastfully says, “Thank you to @3dlipo for helping me, also 16.5 inches lost.” The TOWIE star makes no excuses for being a massive fan of the treatment, and has, of late, started showing off her waist. The ultra modern treatment has apparently knocked off a few inches of her mid riff through the fat freezing procedure.

The 3D Lipo treatment is a localised fat reduction and completely non-invasive procedure. The surgery has also proved very successful in cellulite control, skin tightening and weight reduction. 3D Lipo uses a combination of Ultrasound Cavitation, fat freezing, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction to help celebs, stars, and fashionistas in their fight against obesity and disproportionate body contours.

Shelling out 1000$ pounds or more for Radio Frequency based treatment to control obesity may seem too much for the uninitiated. But for the celebrities, a non-invasive weight control treatment that produces results within a few months is a blessing in disguise. It is no wonder that Amy Childs, Coleen Rooney, Patsy Kensit, and other stars have, literally and figuratively, thrown in their weight behind the 3D Lipo treatment.

A single treatment of 3D Lipo, Fat, and Cellulite treatment takes between 30 to 60 minutes. The most advanced technology eliminates the requirement for any sort of postoperative care. The patient may initially experience some discomfort, followed by redness, numbness, and bruising. But it is a small price to pay as the results are bound to improve the aesthetic appeal in a very short amount of time.

Amy Childs who had problems with breast implants and gym training, decided to go blonde sometime back. After giving birth to her 2 sons, the 29 year old has decided to knock off some waist fat and see if she could drop down a dress size or two. Recently, She had a successful 3D Lipo which took 3 inches off her waist, giving her a fit and healthy look.

Wayne Rooney’s wife is not only a proud mother of three, but also a fashion trendsetter. The beautiful Colleen could not hide her excitement when she found that the modern 3D Lipo treatment can make her skin firmer and her body contours more appealing. The mother of Klay and Kai opted for the treatment and has successfully reduced her baby weight without too much pain or discomfort.

There are many different types of liposuction or fat reduction surgical procedures. There are no easy or straightforward answers as to which is the best method. Technological advances medical research, and patient feedback however lead to improvements such as Smartlipo and laser treatments. The celebrities and stars, who work under limelight and feed on it, usually rely on the most modern techniques that can assure results. The 3D Lipo is highly suited to such popular personalities as the surgical procedure is suited for both clinical and aesthetic markets at affordable prices. In this technology, A combination of radio frequency and 3D-Dermology treatments are judiciously used by the surgeon to tighten the skin on patient’s face and body.

Patsy Kensit who wanted to enhance her celebrity status decided to use the Big Brother show as her platform. She wanted to look good and improve her appearance on the popular show without much physical exercise or gym activities. Patsy sought laser treatment for efficient and effective reduction of excess fat and contour improvement.

However, The 3D Lipo treatment is the most advanced weight loss trick that is currently in vogue. Advanced machines are used to effectively destroy the fat cells using technologies such as Cavitation plus Cryolipolysis.  Danielle Armstrong wanted to visit Marbella and achieve a bikini body that would turn eyes on the resort. As she wanted very fast results without the need for any sort of post operative care, she opted for 3D Lipo treatment that successfully froze her fat cells.

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Image: Madhuri Dixit

Bollywood Celebrities Who Use Botox, Liposuction & Plastic surgery

If Hollywood does something, then Bollywood is not too far behind in catching up with it – whether it is technology, acting, fashion statements, beauty and looks.  Now a days, Botox, Liposuction and Plastic Surgery have become a rage in Bollywood. Famous and not so famous celebrities from the past and present have decided to go under the knife to present their fans with prettier versions of themselves.

Looking glamorous, happy, and perfect before the camera can be a tiring job unless there is support. Thankfully, Most of our Bollywood stars have the cerebral matter to understand the demands of the time. They are well aware of the rapid advances made by medical technology, tools and treatments that contribute to human beauty and appearance. Education helps and urban exposure means they know all about Botox, Liposuction, breast enhancement, body contouring, facelifts, chin and cheekbone enhancement, etc.,

It was Shilpa Shetty who first raised a few eyebrows when she transformed herself from a dark damsel from the South to an elegant beauty fit for Bollywood. Rhinoplasty? Doesn’t ring a bell, does it? How about nose job? Yes! She was the first notable celebrity who get herself a nose job with the help of a reputed plastic surgeon. And she admitted it publicly, thus making modern treatments no more a taboo topic in the world of glamour and movies.

Let us take a look at some of the other famous Bollywood celebrities who got themselves a makeover without drawing too much attention. The dancer-par-excellence Madhuri Dixit has always been a glamorous beauty queen. Age has tried to catch up with her and she beat it with a good dose of Botox. Sometimes the treatment goes wrong! She looks a little puffy in this below picture, doesn’t she?

And then there is Bipasha Basu. The Bengali woman did not have the necessary ingredients to make a stereotypical Bollywood heroine. She was dark, tall, and not very impressive to look at. So she went for the whole package – nose job, face job, and a few other trendy cosmetic treatments. She added a few rigorous exercise routines to stay fit and slim, and made it big in the dreamy world of movies, on her own steam.

Who hasn’t heard of Priyanka Chopra yet? She is not only big in Bollywood, but also Hollywood nowadays. The Punjabi beauty queen had seen ups and downs, but one thing was certain – She was star material from the very beginning. Liposuction, nose job, and Botox played their part along with abundant talent, flair for acting, and natural vivacity.

Preity Zinta was fat and her face showed it in the beginning. Back in ‘Dil Se’ days she managed to catch attention of big stars with the help of her dimples and smiles. But it was Botox which ensured that her face transformed in a noticeable manner. Losing a few pounds also made the fitness generation sit up and take notice.

Kareena Kapoor is the natural heir to the oldest movie family in Bollywood. But talent does not suffice when the demands of the time have rapidly changed.  Youthful India aspired for global beauty standards and she obliged. Her face has definitely transformed with a sharper nose, higher cheekbones, and an overall improvement in her glamorous appearance. She definitely had a nose job along with some latest cosmetic and plastic surgeries to remove facial weariness and tiredness. Successful Botox can make the facial skin look wrinkle free and gives a youthful appearance. Take a look at her old and new pictures.


What do you think of those high cheek bones?


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The Truth About Liposuction

The Truth About Liposuction

Modern cosmetic surgeries are very reliable, but they are not risk free either. Case in point. Famous footballer Colin Hendry’s wife Denise Hendry. She had a liposuction operation, which was followed by an infection that led to septicaemia and 11 days of treatment in the intensive care unit.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that changes body contours by removing excess fat from various parts of the body. It seems like a simple and logical solution to the appearance anxiety suffered by obese men and women. Physical exercise and proper diet help, but some people are just too lazy or busy. So they opt for the liposuction operation to get rid of double chins, bulging midriffs, thundering thighs, and heavy bottoms.

Get an appointment with the plastic surgeon, fix a date, and let him or her remove all the unwanted body fat. Problem Solved, Right? Wrong!!!

All medical treatments including cosmetic and plastic surgeries have their plusses and minuses.  An obese patient who is genetically disposed towards accumulating body fat may find the fantastic results of liposuction as a blessing. But there are attendant risks involved in any major operation that requires removing abundant pockets of stubborn and fatty substance. The onus is not just on the qualified doctor, but also the patient to seek clarifications using consultancy and research.

Harley Street surgeon Jan Stanek has hit the right note when he said, ” There is a huge public misconception that liposuction is a simple and relatively gentle procedure, but this is simply not the case. It is not just a question of inserting a syringe and sucking out the fat. “

Liposuction Procedure –

  • The patient is informed of the operation and consent forms are signed to avoid legal complications.
  • The fat cells that needs removal are injected with adrenaline, local anesthetic, and cold saline solution.
  • Once the saline acts and loosens the fat cells, the powerful suction machine is activated.
  • A hollow needle or cannula, that is connected to suction machine, is inserted into the pockets of solid fat.
  • This needle, which is 3 mm in diameter, has to be moved in a forcible manner by the expert surgeon to loosen the fat.
  • Sedation is mandated as the making the fat liquid can be quite painful.


Liposuction Risks –

  • Anesthetics have risks, so the surgeons rely on the intravenous sedation, particularly while removing large areas of fat.
  • Excess fat removal can lead to drop in blood pressure, loss of body fluid, and other complications.
  • Fluids can be replaced, but imbalances can lead to serious problems such as kidney failure.
  • Additional risks include blood loss, infection, and blood clotting or thrombosis.


Liposuction Results –

  • Older women will have sagging skin if they get too much fat removed in one surgery.
  • Localized excess fat removal or uneven fat suction can result in ridges and dimples.
  • Post operative indications such as excess fat development in one area are possible if the patient does not take care to control body weight.
  • The positive results will be visible in 4 to 6 months after reduction in postoperative swelling.


Safety Guidelines –

  • In UK, the experienced cosmetic surgeons advise the removal of not more than 3 and a half liters of fat. Past surgeries in USA with 5 liter fat removal lead to patient going into a shock.
  • Women, under 40, who are not too obese and with elastic skin should consider the liposuction surgery.
  • The mortality rate in USA is just 1 in 5000 procedures, so the surgery is relatively safe.
  • Experienced surgeon is mandatory if the patient seeks changes in body contours.


Qualified Surgeons –

The patient should opt for the services of the best and most qualified doctors with experience in liposuction operations. As John Pickering of Transform Medical Group has said, “Cosmetic surgeries were performed by any doctor or surgeon who had a private practice.  Even General Practitioners managed to bypass the safety net and conducted cosmetic procedures.  Due to the popularity of liposuction, malpractices occurred and some patients suffered neglect, pain, and other long-term side effects.”

The Department of Health’s National Minimum Standards and Regulations For Independent Health Care advises patients to approach only professional organizations that follows GMC ( General Medical Council’s) “Good Medical Practice”. The hospital’s reputation, clinical audit information, infection rates and complications, inspection reports, Care Standards Commission registration number, etc., are also important. The surgeons themselves should be members of BAPS, BAPS, BACS, EACS, GMC, etc., The patient should also double check the surgeon’s experience, academic qualifications, medical indemnity insurance details, etc.,


Checklist For Liposuction Surgery –

  • Take the opinion of 3 different doctors from the cosmetic and plastic surgery profession.
  • Make sure you consult the operating surgeon.
  • Keep the before and after pictures with you.
  • Ask for feedback from at least 3 past patients of the surgeon.
  • Avoid easy payments/installments packages.

Consider all the risk factors, collect all the relevant facts, and most importantly do not let the surgeon or doctor rush you into making a hasty decision. Be calm, confident, and comfortable while taking a decision and inform the surgeon in a decisive manner.  Finally let us end with the brief description of a case study for greater clarity.



Julia Litherland is 30 years old and works as a practice manager for a gynecology professor. She spends most of her time sitting down in one position. Fat has accumulated around her midriff and she had liposuction two years ago. The surgeon removed 1300 ml of fat using the cannula which left a few puncture sites around her midriff.  She experienced swelling, bruising, excruciating pain, and soreness. There was also some blood and oozing liquid in the midriff. However, she managed to take bath with the help of gauze covering and started professional work the very next day. In her own words, ” Delighted with the results as the fat rolls have diminished. There were a few marks on groin, navel, lower back, and thighs. No pain, no gain.”

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One wife’s crusade: Coconut oil helped husband with Alzheimer’s

Mary Newport, MD confirmed that coconut oil can optimally slow down or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s and reverses its symptoms. Mary’s husband-Steve, suffered from the Alzheimer’s disease for about 6 years before he started using coconut oil in his daily regime. The outcome was instant and overwhelming. Steve had begun to make his way to the severe stages of Alzheimer’s before taking the coconut oil.

He continually needed governance to accomplish even the daily tasks as he could no more take care of himself.

He has lost all focus when attempting daily tasks, and never got able to accomplishing them. He even fell short to use a computer keyboard or calculate or do basic arithmetic, trouble recalling common words. The condition went on to getting worse when he started to often wore just one shoe or sock. An MRI exhibited great loss of brain mass specifically in the parts that involved cognitive and memory abilities. Drugs such as Namenda, Exelon and Aricept proved to be of no help.

After beginning the use of the coconut oil, his points on Alzheimer’s rating scales improved drastically that seemed to be unbelievable to even the physicians, being Alzheimer’s a progressive disease that is known to only get sicken over time. His score from then just continued to improve, getting him down from a moderately severe to a mild stage of Alzheimer’s.

The deficits and depletions in his cognitive and memory capabilities started to recover and he has managed to regain a normal, self-dependant life.

Other Alzheimer’s suffering people who are using coconut oil into their diets are savoring similar improvements. This has now turned out to be a promising, organic and safe treatment for Alzheimer’s disease – coconut ketones.

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Difference between Weight Loss and Inch Loss Image

Difference between Weight Loss & Inch Loss


All you need to know the difference between Weight Loss Procedures and Inch Loss Procedures

These days to lose weight have become one challenging task not because of the natural weight gain tendency but due to the sedentary lifestyle which a person is living up these days. Thankfully, there are some incredibly weight loss process and inch loss process which even if works differently but gives the same result. Let us take a look at the difference between weight loss procedure & inch loss procedure and then make the decision on choosing the right option.

Inch loss procedures

What is inch loss procedure & how does it works

The main reason of weight gain can be cellulite which is uneven pocket fat or excess eating or lack of exercise. Reason can be anything but when you notice unnecessary fats getting stored in the back, upper arm; abdomen and upper thighs area it is quite obvious that you might want to hide them with fill clothes. But now with inch loss procedures you worry come to an end. Such procedures are available in different types but make sure that the problem of toxic accumulation and retention of the fluid is dealt in a right manner so that cellulite formation stops on the time.

Certainly, with inch loss procure, you will gain back your confidence level as you surprisingly see the slim you in the mirror. It offers your body a good shape and enhances your personality. No doubt that losing weight now days, has become the crucial challenge but it is equally true that if you want to get back your self confidence, inch loss process is the right technique for you. It targets the main area and offer the right treatment which ensures that stubborn fat is remove permanently and you stay fit and healthy in long run.

Different procedures have different working style when it comes to inch loss process. Talking of which, if we consider ultrasonic cavitations, it has the high frequency waves used.  It helps the fat cells to get leaked and transformed into the fluid which then gets utilized in form of energy, sweat and urine and then gets detoxified from the body.

Name of few of the inch loss procedures

As said earlier, inch loss process is done in many ways. Depending on your body area that needs to be worked upon and the budget that you have you can go ahead and make your choice accordingly. Furthermore, the popular techniques that fall under the category of inch loss process are slimming machine, body wraps, lipo laser reduction, gastric banding, and ultrasonic cavitations to name a few which are quite in demand among many people especially celebrities who want to look fit in the limelight.

Benefits of the inch loss procedures

With inch loss, primarily you will get a good body shape and shed those calories in a great manner. The best part about this process is it helps you stay fit and healthy in long run. Other than this, you get permanent results, a healthy heart, body cleansing, detoxifying, immediate results, pampering, and comfort which you may not find elsewhere.

Limitations of the inch loss procedures

No doubt that inch loss procedures are useful but it is equally true that you need to be quite rigid with the food that you eat. It is important that you stick to a healthy diet and perform regular workout for better results. Other than this, over natural technique the process is expensive as it gives quick results and lasting solution.


Weight Loss Procedures

What is Weight Loss Procedures and how it works?

Another effective way to lose weight and get in shape is by choosing the right weight loss procedure. It is quite obvious that people who look for better results want to be sure that they don’t get the old chubby look again soon the procedure gets over. That is why, weight loss procedure is the right treatment. It is all about dealing with excess fat and obesity along with fighting against bad cholesterol rather than focusing on cellulites and reducing them.

There is no hard and fast rule involved in weight loss procedure. Certainly, it is performed by the health care expert along with the support of expert dietician who ensures that even if surgery takes place post that you stick you a good diet plan that can give good results.

If the amount of calories is more than the amount of energy that you use then such type of procedure is followed. Usually weight loss surgery is performed in two ways either to prevent you from eating excess calories and thus reducing the size of your stomach. Or it works by changing the way that your body will usually handle the food and thus protect you from eating excess calories.

Name of few of the Weight Loss Procedures

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, LAP band system, Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, Sleeve gastrectomy, and Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion to name a few are some types of weight loss procedures that are well followed. No doubt such option gives lasting results without any kind of problem.

Benefits of Weight Loss Procedures

As compared to inch loss, weight loss procedures are more powerful and give lasting results. Such process are performed in less time span and gives quick results. In terms of cost, there is needless to say it is quite budget friendly and offers the best solution by which you will certainly not gain weight for quite a long time.

Limitation of Weight Loss Procedures

As such process includes surgery; it eventually means the treatment is quite painful. Post surgery, you will have to be in the clinic till your body gets completely recovered and you get back in routine. Besides, there is stringent diet restriction which you need to follow to get the fruitful results. If you have any weight gain problem due to medicines side effects, such surgery and procedure is of no use then.

It does not matter which option of losing weight you choose make sure you speak with your doctor before you take a decision on the same.

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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones Image

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones in Ayurveda

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones/Treatment for Kidney Stones in Ayurveda

Kidney stones develop when certain minerals or chemicals present in the urine of the human body crystallize. The sizes of the stones vary from one patient to another and even over the time period. Normally there are two kinds of stones that are found in the kidney which are uric acid stones and the calcium stones. The probability of having the calcium stones is much higher and almost 90% of the patients who have stones in their kidney have a calcium stone only. Ayurveda can help in curing the stones present in the kidney and there are various home remedies using Ayurveda medicines which can cure the further development of such stones in the lifetime of the patient.

Here we are going discuss few of the Ayurvedic Home remedies for the cure of kidney stones:

  • Kidney Beans for the cure of your kidney: You have to take 60 grams of kidney beans and then add 4 litres of water to it. Heat the mixture for 4/5 hours and then strain the fluid by using a cloth made of muslin or some soft material which should not react with the liquid. Cool, the liquid for few hours. Once it is made you can store it for a day but you must not preserve it over 24 hours. You have to drink one glass of the liquid in every two hours in a day. You have to continue doing this every day for one week and then you can witness betterment of your health and the stone will decrease in size and will pass through the urine over time. Kidney beans are always known for the betterment of the kidney and this is the way to use it for treating your kidney stone sitting at home and in most natural way.
  • Pomegranate Seeds and Horse Gram for the cure of the kidney stones: You have to take 1 cup of horse gram and add half litre water to it. Then you need to heat the mixture and reduce the level of water to 1/5th quantity. Collect the liquid by straining it using a soft cloth and then add 2 teaspoon pomegranate seeds to it and crush the seeds well before adding. Mix the crushed seeds well into the liquid and drink the mixture every day.
  • Honey and basil leaves can cure your kidney stones: Collect 10-15 basil leaves which are fresh and make a paste out of it by crushing them well. You need to extract the juice from the paste of the basil leaves paste and then add the honey to it. You need to add 1 teaspoon of honey to the juice and after mixing both the things properly, drink on a daily basis.

Ayurveda has immense power in it and can cure the toughest diseases over time but one need to be patient and particular about the procedure. In the case of kidney stones, besides performing the above-mentioned remedies, the patient needs to have lots of liquid in a day so that the stones after decreasing in size passes through the urinary tract easily. The most important fact about Ayurveda is it doesn’t have any side effects, so you do not need to worry about urinary infection or bleeding and other risk factors.

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